Youssef Nada’s Interview With Ikhwanweb

Youssef Nada’s Interview With Ikhwanweb

* The war against terrorism serves only US policy
* Egyptian regime has began  to collapse
* Al-Qaeda is not a thought, it is a phenomenon that will end

Youssef Nada’s name has been linked to US campaign against terror in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. Although he was cleared of all alleged charges fabricated by intelligence agencies, Nada returned to the spotlight again after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak referred him along with 39 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders to military tribunal on charges of funding  the Moslem brotherhood which is  banned by the Egyptian regime. The falsification of the charges contradicts with the facts that  Youssef Nada  left Egypt 1959 and he is under house arrest  in Campione d’’Italia (an Italian enclave in the Swiss territory )  also all his assets are frozen all over the world since November 2001 by orders of the UN security council.on charges of financing Al-Qaeda network and terrorism. He is known as the Muslim Brotherhood’s  international political foreign emissary.

 Ikhwanweb had the following interview with Mr. Nada.

Ikhwanweb:  First of all, what is the latest news about the case of Al-Taqwa bank? Are there any compensation?  Will it maintain its business activities?

•Yourself Nada: The liquidator  of BankAl-Taqwa was forced to liquidate it with  total loss five years ago. The compensations case was rejected because Switzerland claimed that the US administration have blacklisted me and ordered the UN Security Council to do so. Consequently, all  UN members were obliged to adhere to this.

Ikhwanweb: Do you think that the plans for freezing your assets had been prepared in advance or that 9/11 led to it?

•Youssef Nada: We found in the FBI files and those of theSwiss  Federal prosecutor  some indications  that they have been watching me since 1981, twenty years before the raids on our offices and houses on Nov.7th, 2001. This bolsters the claim that my activities have been monitored twenty years before 9/11 events.

Ikhwanweb: As you are a victim of the so-called war against terrorism; how can you evaluate the course of this war throughout the past six years?

• Youssef Nada:  Frankly speaking, there’s no international consensus on the definition for terrorism. The US administration adopted such a slogan to implement a well-studied plan to fight Islam  which they claimed is an  ideology hindering US policy, the same as what they did  with the communist ideology before. This was highlighted by the US administration whose president said “as we eliminated communism in 70 years, we will eliminate this new ideology, (Islamic terrorism)”
The US has used the UN Security Council and intelligence agencies all over the world including Islamic states, world media including media in Islamic states, NATO apparatuses, ethnologists, theologists intellectuals, bankers, orientalists  and experts in all related  fields. Even, religious teaching and educational curricula are suffering their deletions and amendments including Qur’anic verses. Suggestions and studies are still presented in these fields.
The Muslim Brotherhood reads behind this a repetition to the previous waves of colonization that hitted  the Islamic world and ended with the opposite results.
Europe has colonized all The Moslem countries and tried throughout five centuries of colonization  and used every means like those which are currently applied. Despite all these 500-year-old attempts, the number of Muslims in the world increased from about 400 millions to  about.1,3 billions.

Ikhwanweb: What is the right mechanism to confront the spread of the thought of Al-Qaeda movement and jihads groups?

•Yourself Nada: I see that Al-Qaeda and the so-called jihads groups  behavior can’t be called an ideology. They constitute a phenomenon like other phenomena that appeared at the end of the twentieth century in many places all over the world like the Ku Klux Klan in America and Badmeinerhof in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy and the Pasc in Spain and the Republican Army in Ireland, the Red Army in Japan and the rest. The only difference is that these are Muslims who convinced themselves and those whom they managed to recruit that their fight is divine orders. What raises eyebrows is that they were convinced that they can change the countries and  defeat their armies through the use of knives, pistols , and Kalashnikov. Therefore, they are trained on using them.
I see that it is a stage of religious adolescence which has been fueled by the material, social and moral injustice, of tyranny  rulers and  their use of oppression and violence and sidelining the judiciary .

I think there are two factors that may help in ending this phenomenon:

The spread of justice and recognition of judiciary control to which the executive authority have to  abide.

2. Opening all fields for religiously matures to educate the religiously naïves.

Ikhwanweb: How do you evaluate Hamas movement’s attitude in the Palestinian territories. Do you support its decision of seizing Gaza?

•Youssef Nada: I do not think that Hamas seized power in Gaza. It actually stopped and eliminated killers and thieves from maintaining their crimes of killing and robbing the Palestinian people  and they  never said that they seized power. Hamas is extending its hands for reaching an agreement for the sake of the country and its people. As the Palestinian Liberation Organization is no longer representing all Palestinians, so it must be restructured to include all factions.

Ikhwanweb: What is the effect of this step on the future of the Palestinian cause?

•Youssef Nada: The future is still unfolded. However, we believe that Allah supports those supports his cause and Allah does not support work of corrupters.

Ikhwanweb: After your great history with the Muslim Brotherhood group, how far can MB activists maintain political and Da’wa (Islamic missionary) activities. Are they still able to continue despite international and regional governments challenges?

•Youssef Nada: I still adopt like others the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, a thought which is mainly emerging from the pure sources of Islam which was sent  by Allah. We adopted and still adopt this ideology, vowing to live, struggle and die for the sake of this movement. This was and is still our option. We  were not persuaded into this line  through  money or state power positions . During the fortieth of last century  the majority of The Moslem Brothers were Students .
workers and peasants but now the majorities of the universities professors and professional unions ,doctors engineers lawyers  journalists  teachers  intellectuals are overwhelming. Those who adopt our way of thinking worldwide exceeded hundred million .Try to calculate  if every year one of us will be able to convince another Moslem with our way of thinking  how much we shall be within the next ten years??? We have chosen this way of thinking and vowed to Allah that we will  live struggle  and die for its sake.

Ikhwanweb: What is your opinion about the decision of referring you to a military court, however you are outside Egypt? Have you faced any problems inside Switzerland after this decision was issued against you? How do you expect the rulings would be? Will they have any impact on you?

•Youssef Nada: The US administration ordered the whole world to co-operate with it in the investigations held with me throughout six years. For example, America, Switzerland and Italy, Bahamas, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Austria, England, Spain, Turkey, Libya, Malta, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and others co-operated in this field. However, none of them could ever prove that  I had ever violated any law any where in the world.. In fact, there are many groundless claims mentioned in Egyptian, Jordanian and Tunisian security reports but still  they were notorious ,have no credibility, and no one believe them.
Still I am living in civilized democratic  place where justice is respected and implemented  .
As for this Egyptian military court , it won’t offend me thank God. It  should only offends those who referred us to that court and those who accepted to be judges under such draconian rule.

Ikhwanweb: Do you think that the US silence towards referring MB leaders to the military court is on purpose? How do you explain the change in the US attitude towards democratization in the Middle East?

•Youssef Nada: America has inherited all colonialist behaviors. As the British, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese imperialists acted according to their interests in their colonies, America as a heir to all colonists acts according to the same imperial method.
Since 1930s, after the international economic crisis, America has tactically reconciled with Islam. Its economic interests (oil) along with political and military interests were mainly settled in this region during its war against communism, given that Islam is the fieriest enemy of  atheism that was the mainpillar of the communist system.
Therefore, if America found that its interests require reconciliation with the MB, it will do it, and if it found that the current regime serves its interests, it will try to support it by all means.
As for the current Egyptian regime, the countdown for its collapse has started. It is collapsing regardless of what the US administration wants. At the end the US administration will find  that only  way is the tactical dealing  with the Muslim Brotherhood. From the Sharia side, we learned in the Quran that Allah Exalted He Be argued with Satan, the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed (PBUH), talked with those who fought and dismissed him, Mousa (PBUH) argued with his Pharaoh, Abraham (PBUH) talked with those who wanted to burn him. Quranic stories teach us that dialogue  is a civilized way of life accepted by Allah, messengers, believers,  and wise men .If the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt adopted another policy, it is not related to a Sharia tenet but  dictated by local circumstances . I see that politicians, analysts and intellectuals  in the region should study the US policy and deduce results according to which they base their researches and conclusions. As a matter of fact, US actions are the product of policies that have several dimensions, means and stages which may be tactical and change according to reality for serving  the strategic and stable long-term dimension policies . Through this guideline its objectives are implemented in the long run. As for democracy, human rights, allies, friends, moderates and treaties and others, they are just cosmetics according to the US administration. These cosmetics are adopted by the US administrations like past empires but they actually can’t beautify ugly and deformed faces of the imperial goals . 
In contemporary world, we saw that Noriega was one of the best US allies in Central America. When it turned against him, it did not only fight and topple him, but it ended his political, moral and human life, It throw him in prison of tens of years and then sent him to France to complete his life in French prisons. We saw also that Mobutu was the best US allays in Africa, his life ended without finding any place  for medical  treatment or even to be buried in . Marcos who excelled in serving America in Southeast Asia had the same fate of Mobutu. Even the Shah of Iran who acted as a US policeman in the Gulf  from the west of Iran and the maintainer of American strategies against the Soviet Union in the north  of Iran and the sole supporter of Israel in the Middle East. His end was the same fate of Mobutu and Marcos. Also, Saddam Hussein who was used by America to paralyze the Iranian revolution in a bloody war, causing poverty in all the region and giving the oil to America in prices less than prices of water drunk by oil producers. It is very well known that America did to  Saddam far more than what it did  toNoriega, Mobutu, Marcos and the Shah of Iran.
This lessons should be learned by the Egyptian ruler and his elite before it will be too late. America is serving American’s  interests not Mubarak  or his son Jamal  or their elite interests.

Ikhwanweb: How can you view the current Egyptian regime? Is there any escape to get out of the Egyptian political crisis?

•Youssef Nada: Your question about the regime in Egypt is confusing. We can’t see a regime, we don’t know who is its ruler. We don’t care who is ruling but we care how he is ruling. We hope that it won’t reach the point of a civil disobedience and explosion. The national wealth can’t bear any loss. Revolution of the starving people will destroy and burn and then won’t find a living for months or even years. The demolishing and destruction that they may flare up in the country will send the country back to the monolithic age. (look at Iraq and anticipate) .