• May 27, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Youth Against the Coup Condemns Arrest of Khalid Ali

Youth Against the Coup Condemns Arrest of Khalid Ali
Youth Against the Coup (YAC) condemns the arrest by coup security forces of the lawyer Khaled Ali. Evidently, this is a continuation of the putschist, illegitimate coup regime’s attack and repressive action and persecution of Egyptians of all colors of the ideological and political spectrum.

Military regimes never differentiate between opponents; everyone in the same indictment basket; and everyone is in the range of their treacherous bullets: this is a terrorist, that is "disturbing public peace", and this is "promoting pessimism"!

We underline our frequent appeal, which we have not and will not abandon, to companions of the January 25 (2011) Revolution and the people of our dear homeland Egypt: "Is it not time for the Revolution to heal its wounds? Is it not time for all of us to close ranks and unite? Come, let us put aside our differences for the sake of Egypt".

Our hands are open, extended warmly to all – for Egypt and the Revolution. Once again: Let us unite; otherwise we will be cursed by generations in the future, when they live in utter bitterness, in a homeland hijacked by the traitorous military junta.

Youth Against the Coup Executive Office

Cairo: Tuesday – May 23, 2017

UPDATE: Khaled Ali was released Wednesday May 24th, on bail