Youth Leader: Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Non-Violence Notwithstanding Coup Atrocities

Youth Leader: Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Non-Violence Notwithstanding Coup Atrocities

 In a press statement, Ali Khafagi, Youth Secretary at the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Giza and a Muslim Brotherhood youth leader, said: "The Brotherhood’s youths are committed to creative peacefulness in their anti-coup defiance. They will never attack any Egyptian in any way whatsoever.

"This assertion is not a matter of averting suspicions or accusations, but a truth that Brotherhood youths believe, in spite of all the atrocities our boys and girls, young men and women, suffer in the repressive junta’s jails, detention centers, police stations of injustice and tyranny, and in squares and streets across the nation."

Khafagi pointed that allegations published in the name of a young man claiming to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing the group of incitement to or tolerating violence run contrary to the peaceful approach strictly adopted by the Brotherhood, adding: "We have nothing to do with violence at all… Our peacefulness is stronger than the junta’s injustice and live bullets.

"We are certain that the coup will be defeated, inevitably. The Revolution will triumph over it, inevitably. We will honor our pledge to exact retribution, with prompt revolutionary justice, for all those who have suffered injustice or whose rights have been violated, no matter who the victims or the culprits may be.

The FJP’s Youth Secretary further stressed that: "The brutal aggression committed daily against the Brotherhood’s young men and women must be avenged soon, in a state founded on law and justice. Then, no criminal will escape their just punishment for violation of the right to life of any Egyptian irrespective of color or religion.

Khafagi denounced calls trying to justify the violation of Egyptians’ right to life, stressing that it goes against Sharia (Islamic law), and that it would negatively impact any future attempt to build a state of law. Khafagi also said those calls help strengthen the murderous military coup and justify its crimes against humanity.