• May 14, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Zagazig Detainees Suffer Slow Death in High-Security Gamsa Prison ‘Exile’

Zagazig Detainees Suffer Slow Death in High-Security Gamsa Prison ‘Exile’
Shocking, horrific scenes were described by the Sharqeya Detainees’ Families Association (SDFA), detailing the murderous ordeal suffered by a group of ten detainees ‘exiled’ from the Zagazig Main Prison to high-security Gamsa Prison, where they are subjected to atrocious violations with no regard to due process, the law or the Constitution.

In special press releases, SDFA said those detainees were held in solitary confinement from May 5, and will remain there until July 5, 2017 – they were told. Detainees never see one another; and are allowed only to eat prison food unfit for human consumption.

SDFA families said the ‘exiled’ detainees were in a place called Aldawaey; languishing in extremely squalid conditions, in a dungeon overflowing with insects and trash. They suffer exceedingly high temperatures, with no ventilation in their cells. This all is taking a tremendous toll on their physical and mental health.

These detainees include: Mahmoud Sobhi, Mohamed Saber Iraqi, Hisham Shahda, Usama Al-Gazzar, Abdullah Al-Kashef, Mohamed Nasr, Islam Ibrahim and Ahmed Amer.

SDFA appealed to all local and international human rights organizations to rescue their loved ones, who are subjected to vindictive atrocities in violation of all local and international humanitarian laws, conventions and norms. SDFA further placed full responsibility for their loved ones’ lives on the illegitimate coup regime.