Zagazig MB Shura Candidate, Supporters Detained

Zagazig MB Shura Candidate, Supporters Detained

The security forces in the city of Zagazig detained Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Shura Council for the to Zagazig, Dr. Nagi Saqr, and severely beat a number of the candidate”s supporters, arresting dozens of them during one of his election campaigns.
The number of detainees 12, including:

Hassan Othman, MB leader who has been recently released from prison,

Tamer Said, private driver of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the member of MB Executive Bureau,

Sayed Said, his brother

Mahomd AbdElrahman Elrasad

AboBakr Salah Abdo

Maisara Mohamed Mahmod

Mohamed Attia

Mohamed Mahmod Badr

Ali Foaad Mohamed Radwan

Ali Elsaid Mahmod

Samir halawa

For his part, Dr. Farid Ismail, the MP for Sharqiya, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that detaining Dr. Nagi is a part of the ongoing repressive policy exercised by the regime against the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition in general .
Ismail pointed out that this isn”t the first measure. Arresting a candidate has become an ordinary act under the Egyptian repressive regime that wants to impose its grip on all state services. Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the constituency Mit Ghamr, Dr. Khaled Al Dib .
Why don”t you make the Shura Council by appointment if you want a token council, and stop such detentions against supporters and even candidates of the Musllim Brotherhood, wondered Ismail.

Nagi Mohamed Al Sayed Saqr
Date of Birth: Zagazig 18- 6-1956
Qualifications : BA in Medicine & surgery in Zagazig university in June 1984
Postgraduate diploma in surgery in May 1991
Specialized in Endoscopic Surgery and blood vessels from Royal hospital of Bastlou, England
General surgery specialist in Zagazig public hospital
Social status :

Married in February 1989 to Mrs Mona Mohamed Ali Salim, a veterinarian in the Veterinary Medicine Department in Zagazig.
He has five children :

Mostafa, Third year in the Secondary School
Malikat Al-Haq- first year secondary school
Abd Al-Rahman- second prep year
Mohamed- first primary school student
Hur- 3 years old
Past Detentions:

– He was detained in 2000 elections
– He was detained on 31/1/2005 until 1/8/2005
Political life :

– A member of the students union in the Zagazig University, 1980
– Doctors” Syndicate delegate in Sharqiya since 1987
– Member of the permanent conference of syndicates, parties and political powers in Sharqiya on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.
-Member of the Relief Committee in the Doctors” Syndicate in Sharqiya.