Zagazig MB Shura Candidate Assaulted

Dr. Nagi Saqr, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for Zagazig was assaulted today while visiting an election committee in Zagazig.
Dr Nagi said in a statement to ikhwanweb:” I went today morning to Zagazig polling station with my friend Ahmed Mohamed Sobhi and a number of lawyers. As soon as I entered the polling station to greet the committee chief and others, the doors of the polling station were locked after 13 thugs and 5 detectives entered. They beat, insulted and said bad names to Ahmed Mohamed Sobhi without any justified reason. When I tried to defend my friend, they assaulted me too, and said very bad names. They even beat punched me in the face. I found out later that such thugs are repeat offenders who are dangerous to society and were gathered from various police stations to commit such violations.
Dr. Nagi Saqr lamented that Egypt which is well-known for its beautiful Nile , Pyramids, long history and culture, is currently known for rigging all elections, and corruption in many fields.”
He added ironically:“ They should call these currently held elections “legislative violations” not legislative elections.
It is worth mentioning that the number of violations and detentions against MB members and supporters is still on the rise today while the first round of Shura Council midterm elections are held.

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