Zahhar: Reconciliation won’t halt resistance

Zahhar: Reconciliation won’t halt resistance

He reported to a group of independent figures in Gaza city on Sunday that Hamas was absolutely convinced with reconciliation, adding that no one had forced it to attend  the reconciliation.

Shifting to another issue, Zahhar said that the visits by European MPs and others to the Gaza Strip had contributed in revealing the real suffering of the Palestinian people due to the siege and ongoing Israeli crimes.

For his part, MP Khalil Al-Hayya, another political bureau member of Hamas, told a visiting British parliamentary delegation that foreign parties were obstructing reconciliation.

He said on Sunday that obstacles were impeding reaching national reconciliation topped by the foreign pressures on Fatah faction not to sign then to insist on refusing amendments to the Egyptian drafted paper as demanded by Hamas.

Hayya also held Israel responsible for foiling the prisoners’ exchange deal, charging it with procrastination.

For their part, members of the delegation said that they refused the Israeli siege on Gaza and expressed shock at the tragedies and sufferings of the people of the Strip.

The MPs said that they would resist any attempt by the British parliament to introduce constitutional amendments to protect Israeli war crimes and evade their trial before British courts.