Zahhar urges Egypt to resume its reconciliation efforts

Zahhar urges Egypt to resume its reconciliation efforts

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, on Wednesday called on Egypt to turn over a new leaf and resume its efforts to achieve the inter-Palestinian reconciliation.

Dr. Zahhar told a news conference that Hamas is ready to sign Egypt’s reconciliation paper if there are guarantees ensuring that the agreement will be respected.

He added that Egypt’s reconciliation paper which Hamas received was different from the paper which was signed by Fatah faction in last October.

The Hamas official stressed that his Movement’s remarks on this paper are intended for fortifying and ensuring the implementation of the reconciliation agreement, adding that if there are good faith and safeguards, Hamas will definitely sign the paper.

The official denied that Hamas is part of a regional hub or has intention to join one, affirming that such thing would weaken the Palestinian cause.

The official highlighted that Hamas and the Palestinian people do not deny the historical role of Egypt towards the Palestinian cause, warning of some newspapers which try to ruin the relationship between Hamas and Egypt and fish in troubled waters.