Zeidan warns of PA recognition of Israel’s right to settlement expansion

Zeidan warns of PA recognition of Israel’s right to settlement expansion

TULKAREM, — Hamas lawmaker Abdelrahman Zeidan warned Friday that the last visit of the Israeli premier to Washington would engender Palestinian recognition of Israel’s right to continue its settlement and Judaization activities in occupied Jerusalem in return for releasing a small number of prisoners.

In a statement, Zeidan said that this deal between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel would be portrayed by some media outlets as a great achievement in order to amplify the event and provide the resumption of peace negotiation with a cover-up despite the ongoing settlement and Judaization activities taking place on the ground.

He underlined that the Israeli government usually deals with the American administration with arrogance and uses all its tools to pressure and blackmail Washington so as to avoid its obligations toward the peace process.

The lawmaker noted that Israel dealt a number of blows to the American administration, the latest of which took place during US vice president Joe Biden’s visit to the region when it announced its intention to build 1,600 settlement units in east Jerusalem.

The lawmaker added that the American administration, despite its declared anger, swallowed the humiliation as usual, toned down its condemnation of such behavior and confirmed that its relations with Israel can never be affected by such events.