Zio-American moves to resettle Palestinian refugees worldwide

Zio-American moves to resettle Palestinian refugees worldwide

The Jerusalem-based AL-Manar newspaper on Monday revealed Zio-American moves to resettle the Palestinian refugees in many countries of the world and set a budget in this regard funded by Arab and international parties.

The newspaper explained that talks and communications are taking place between Israel and the American administration nowadays with complete disregard to the Palestinian Authority (PA) which is in turn waiting for what will be agreed upon between them (Washington and Tel Aviv).

It added that the PA’s role turned into accepting the ideas and solutions reached between Israel and the US administration regarding the issue of Palestinian refugees.

The newspaper quoted unnamed high-level diplomatic circles as saying that the US administration sent a special delegation to a number of Arab countries including Saudi Arabia to explore avenues for implementing a plan to resettle the Palestinian refugees.

These circles said, according to the newspaper, that a number of countries in the region are pressured to accept the resettlement of large numbers of Palestinian refugees on their lands after Australia, Canada and other countries accepted to receive limited numbers of them.

The sources added that several cities will be established in the West Bank with Saudi funding to accommodate the resettled Palestinian refugees especially those living in Lebanon.

The sources told Al-Manar newspaper that the US administration promised Israel to take into account its fears and resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees, pointing out that some Arab countries intend to give the visiting US delegation written approval to the resettlement plan including pledges to fund it.