Zionism must go

Zionism must go

By Khalid Amayreh

 Day after day, Israel is proving to all and sundry that it is more of a malignant tumor whose ultimate goal is to kill, replace, destroy and liquidate than of a normal human entity wanting to live and let live.

Hence, the question that Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general ought to  ask themselves  and  answer is whether they would be willing to live with a cancerous entity in their midst, an entity that says openly that its ultimate goal is nothing short of the  total destruction of Palestine and Islam.

 An entity that never stops  inciting the West to wage total  war  on Muslims, a country that uses one controversial  holocaust to inflict (and justify)  another on innocent Palestinians, a regime that abuses and misuses the "Chosen people concept" to torment, savage and discriminate against non-Jews.

 A few days ago, I listened carefully to the elderly leader of Shas, the so-called Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who was barking like a mad dog, braying like a mischievous donkey, claiming that his Bible and Talmud taught him that all non-Jews under the sun were created like beasts of burden to serve Jews.

 I contrasted Yosef’s remarks against Chabad’s religious dogma that non-Jews are not bona fide human beings and compared the remarks further with Abraham Kook’s assertion that the difference between Jews and goyem was greater and deeper than the difference between humans and beasts and concluded that we are talking about nothing less than a new breed of Nazi-like supremacists who would want to enslaves and subjugate the rest of humanity.

Ovadia Yosef is not an anecdotal or marginal figure in Israel.  He is a prominent Torah sage, as described by many Jewish intellectuals and commentators.  He enjoys the loyalty and allegiance of millions of hardi Orthodox Jews in Israel and in his hands he holds the key to the survival or collapse of the current Israeli government. 

Israel keeps claiming before a hopelessly-sheepish western world that it wants peace. In the meantime, Israelis, soldiers, settlers, hardeim, judges, courts, everyone, are behaving like Nazis would, each in his own way.

The government is busy legislating fascism, otherwise known as loyalty oaths. The courts are busy promulgating laws giving legitimacy to manifestly Nazi-like Jewish groups, pounding on Arab doors in Um Elfahm and shouting "you must leave, you must leave, and Kahana is coming back. Kahana is coming back!!

For those who don’t understand what "Kahana is coming back" signifies, let us give them an analogy: it is like having neo-Nazi thugs or KKK henchmen pound on Jewish doors, in a Jewish neighborhood, shouting Hitler is coming back! Hitler is coming back!!! And no eyebrows are raised, neither in government, nor among the police, not even among the intelligentsia.

The soldiers are playing the game of chance, shooting on poor and helpless Arab workers, claiming that their weapons misfired, or that they thought that their lives were at risk!!! My God! Why do these weapons misfire only when the victims are Arabs?

As to the rabbis, or most of them, they are busy explaining to their gleeful disciples that having fornication or extra-marital sex with a Christian woman, or any other non-Jewish woman, doesn’t constitute adultery because the woman in this case is not a real human being. It is rather a sin of bestiality for non-Jews are not viewed by the Jewish religious law as real human beings but rather as animals in a human shape.

As to the settlers, the real rulers of  Israel  today, they are busy devising the destruction of Palestinian olive groves and stealing olive crops in daytime hours  while setting mosques and churches on fire at night in implementation of rabbinic edicts or the  so-called "price-tag policy."

So, everyone, the government, the army, the courts, the settlers, the synagogues, and the Knesset are busy promoting one grand Nazi-like regime similar to the German Third Reich.  And when Palestinians cry out for justice or for help, or when writers or critics warn of the catastrophic consequences of looming  fascism, the shipyard dogs from Sydney to California start barking uncontrollably, shouting anti-Semitism! Holocaust! Auschwitz ! Bergen Belsen ! Terror ! Suicide Bombings! And the sheepish multitudes in Europe and North America just shut up in disbelief, fearing the backlash of challenging Zionism.

I am not being phobic or hysterical about Israel. Just try to watch, let alone attend a Knesset or cabinet  session in Israel today, and you will have the impression that you are   going back in time and attending a Nazi cabinet  session presided by Adolph Hitler, not a Jewish cabinet session headed by Benyamin Netanyahu.

I am making these analogies because Israel today is in the throes of Nazi-like seizure that is morphing the Zionist state into a Judeo-Nazi fiefdom that can inflict havoc on its subjects and victims.

In fact,  readers who might suspect the veracity or accuracy of my remarks are urged to  review statements by some Israeli officials, including government ministers, who are openly warning that Israel is already a fascist state par excellence.

The "goyem-are-donkeys analogy," the theological mantra that the lives of non-Jews in general have no sanctity, the claim that all non-Jewish property belong to the Jews and other similar nefarious teachings being taught in some synagogues and yeshivot or religious schools  in Israel  and the occupied territories are portents for things to come.

We saw the same trends in Germany in the early 1930s. We all know the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on North America and Europe to rein-in Zionist madness and arrogance of power. These obsequious westerners are themselves fettered and  shackled by a Zionist stranglehold unprecedented in its viciousness. Hence, the most they would or could do is to make some lukewarm statements expressing displeasure at whatever might befall the helpless Palestinians.

 Does anyone really expect the whoring political establishments in Washington D.C. , Ottawa , Berlin , and Rome to stand for justice in Hebron , Nablus , Um Elfahm, and East Jerusalem ? Whores are whores and it doesn’t matter if one sells one’s body or  one’s conscience to the highest bidder!!!

Israel would claim, mendaciously of course, that the so-called Palestinian Authority or PA is responsible for the Palestinian plight. Well the PA is nothing more than a disgraceful slave to the Israeli security apparatus, it is a Palestinian Judenrat in the service of Israeli interests, and blaming it for the situation facing the Palestinians is like blaming the infamous Jewish Councils  under the Nazis occupation authorities for the holocaust.

Now we have reached the moment of truth. It is simply too late for peace, any peace, with Israel.  And Israel would never grant us equal citizenship. So, it is either perpetual enslavement as water carrier and wood hewers in the service of the "the master race" or "Chosen people", or preparing hundreds of millions of Muslims for the strategic task of getting rid of the dog.

We must keep this grand goal  in mind and stop paying any attention to the babblings and hallucinations being spewed by bankrupt Arab officials about the so-called "peace process" or, indeed, the pornographic lies that we keep hearing  from American and European leaders.

 In the final analysis, these leaders don’t know what they are talking about or are willing Zionist puppets, or both.

To conclude, we must admit that we have lost the battle for Palestine for the time being. It is now imperative upon every Muslim man, woman and child to prepare for the long struggle with Zionism, which must never end without the final defeat of these Judeo Nazis who seek the destruction or humiliation of hundreds of millions of Arabs, Turks, Iranians and other Muslims. This struggle is going to take many, many years, and there will be ups and downs, but it must end with the dismantlement and collapse of this deformed entity called Israel. Victims there will be many, and setbacks as well. But we must get rid of the dog, the sooner the better. Otherwise, the dog will get rid of us in what is going to be an existential confrontation between truth and falsehood.

We waited for too long in the hope that Zionist Jews would live and let live. However, to our chagrin, we discovered that they didn’t really want peace, and that they wanted only our  land.

As to dignified Jews who want to live and let live, we shall treat them like brothers and sisters. But they would have to purge the word "Zionism," not only from their lexicons but from their minds and hearts as well.