Zionist entity to revive laws allowing it to arrogate Palestinian properties

Zionist entity to revive laws allowing it to arrogate Palestinian properties

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,Israeli legal circles and parties opposing the occupation and construction of settlements on Palestinian lands revealed Thursday that the Israeli occupation government was reviving an old law allowing it to usurp more Palestinian properties in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli Peace Now Movement and concerned Palestinian legal groups highlighted the danger of the revival of the “Present-Absentee law”, warning it would lead to completely Judaizing the holy city.

Masood Ghanaem, the Arab MP in the Israeli Knesset, questioned Israeli Housing and Construction Minister, Ariel Atias, on the support and facilities his ministry gives to fanatic Israeli groups, such as Atirat Kohanim and El-Ad, active in settlement construction to seize Palestinian properties in occupied Jerusalem.

Ghanaem said that news reports were speaking about millions of dollars spent by the ministry on those fanatic groups in addition to circumventing the laws in a bid to create new facts on the ground.

He also described as “oppressive and fascist” the Israeli law present-absentee law that the ministry uses to arrogate properties of the Palestinian Jerusalemites who live a few meters from their lands but could not reach them due to the Israeli apartheid wall.

The legislator stressed that the Israeli practices of supporting those fanatic groups would not succeed in distorting the identity of Jerusalem as an Arab city, but will cause more bloody confrontations between the Palestinian people and the Israeli occupation.

He also quoted the opinion of two former Israeli general prosecutors Mini Mazoz and Mier Shemgar, who strongly opposed the Israeli present-absentee law.

For its part, the society of citizens rights in the Zionist entity, labeled the incumbent Israeli occupation government as the most extremist in history, accusing it of rapidly enacting laws to grab more Palestinian lands, including laws allowing the selling of properties of Palestinian refugees expelled out of their homeland at the hands of Zionist armed gangs at gunpoint in1948.

According to the society, the new laws attempt to abort any possibility to allow the refugees return to their homes.

The new Israeli laws have no legal legs to stand on as they violate international law but the Zionist entity pays no attention to the international opinion, Palestinian legal sources charged, urging swift action to halt enactment of such harmful legislations.