Zionist plan to distort features of Buraq plaza exposed

Zionist plan to distort features of Buraq plaza exposed

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Palestinian and Hebrew sources revealed that the Israeli occupation government approved a plan to excavate the Buraq plaza to search for "Jewish antiquities", and to build a Jewish temple in the place.

The Jewish administration of Jerusalem municipality approved the plan and put the preparations to implement it, but Palestinian sources warned that the scheme would significantly change the features of the Buraq plaza and the entire area.

The Aqsa foundation that caters for Muslim holy shrines in occupied Palestine rejected the plan, saying that the scheme aims at putting up a network of tunnels under the Aqsa Mosque.

It added, that one of the planned tunnels would lead to an underground parking area the municipality is planning to build west of the Buraq plaza, while other tunnels would link with already existing tunnels under the town of Silwan in the city.

Kais Nasser, a lawyer in the foundation, filed a petition against the scheme, warning that the plan would wipe out ancient landmarks south of the Buraq plaza.