Zionist plans to Judaize the occupied city of Lod

Zionist plans to Judaize the occupied city of Lod

 Al-Jalil, — The Arab member of Knesset, Ibrahim Sarsour warned of Zionist attempts to Judaize upper Galilee, in northern occupied Palestine, as well as the city of Lod through settlement of Jews in Arab neighbourhoods.

In an interview with “Palestine On Line” He criticised the Israeli government’s approval  of a 160 million- shekel Judaization plan which targets the city of Lod under the rubric of solving security issues in the city.

He said that the proposed plan includes reinforcing  the police force in the city, renovating the infrastructure and developing the road system.

The plan also includes marketing new flats and implementing the “law” regarding unlicensed buildings, which means targeting Palestinian residents of the city.

Sarsour also said that it was perplexing that the Israeli occupation government is claiming that such  a settlement project aimed at improving social, cultural and educational services in Lod, pointing out that most of the help that will be provided will benefit Jewish settlers in the city.