Zionist settlers uproot 200 Palestinian olive trees

Zionist settlers uproot 200 Palestinian olive trees

RAMALLAH, — Zionist settlers uprooted more than 200 Palestinian olive trees near the Qasra village, south of Nablus, on Monday, eyewitnesses reported.

They said that the settlers came from the settlement of Shavut Rahel and attacked the field owned by Ali Hassan and damaged 220 trees.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) cut off water supplies to a Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley, a spokesman of the “save the Valley” campaign said on Monday.

He added that the procedure threatens the destruction of recently planted plants and causes heavy material damage to the farmers especially when it is the second time the IOA severs the water supplies to the Bardala village.

The IOA controls the Bardala water reservoir, which is the richest in Palestine in water wells. It dug three huge water wells that produce three thousand cubic meters of water per hour that are pumped to Israeli settlements in the area.
Palestinian minister of agriculture in Gaza Dr. Ramadan Al-Agha denounced the Zionist settlers’ act, describing it as the “olive (trees) massacre”.

He said in a press release on Tuesday that the settlers almost daily uproot and burn hundreds of olive trees and saplings in the West Bank.

Agha said that his ministry was progressing in its campaign to plant one million olive trees in Gaza border areas, which were damaged by the Israeli occupation forces in repeated incursions, adding that time will come when his ministry would plant millions others in Jerusalem and the West Bank.