Zionist Unfair Demolition of Houses Increases Palestinian Suffering

Studies and researches show that there are increasing psychological negative effects among Palestinians whose houses are demolished by the Israeli authorities, under the pretext of not having permits for these buildings.
Studies show that women, due to their emotional nature, are more impressed than men when their houses are demolished.
Ziad Al-Hammouri, the director of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, confirms that there are many women who faced extreme suffering due to this demolition and due to the Israeli escalation that swept dozens of houses.
The recent years witnessed a high rise in numbers of demolished buildings. According to Israeli official figures, 650 Palestinian houses were demolished during the last six years, while other Israeli sources confirm that the actual number is three times more than this, and Israeli authorities claim that 6000 Palestinian houses were built without a building permit.

The Israelis attribute their demolition to the unlawful building code which it is applying severely on East Jerusalem where it doubles sanctions on the Jerusalemite, including imposing fines sometimes up to tens or hundreds of thousands of shekels in addition to periods of actual imprisonment, and suspending the execution, in addition to the sanction of demolition.
Regarding her experience after the Israeli authorities demolished her house, Um Farahat (40 years) says:” My family became homeless after our house was demolished; the psychological suffering was so tough on my five children, specially the girls; we found ourselves in the open, and we were so sad”.
Many observers noted that the operations of demolition that have increased in the last period are also increasing tensions and anger in the Palestinian territories.
For her part, Rana Al Qaisi of the Red Cross in Jerusalem pointed out that what the Red Cross can only do is offering aid to affected families, to help them during such tough times, but it can not prevent Israel from demolishing houses of the Palestinians.

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