• December 30, 2008

Zionists Target Relief Convoys at Rafah Crossing

Zionists Target Relief Convoys at Rafah Crossing


IOF targeted Tuesday medical and relief convoys of Egyptian and Arab relief committees. The convoys waiting at the Rafah border crossing to be let into the Strip were bombed in order to prevent their entrance to Gaza.


Dr. Mansour Hassan, head of Alexandria relief committee, told Ikhwanweb that the delegation of the medical syndicate of Alexandria was subject to about 17 Israeli rockets. He said that such attack aimed at preventing the humanitarian aid stuck in the Rafah crossing from getting into Gaza. He condemned such an attack describing the Zionist entity as inhuman and immoral. The delegation has come with a convoy of four trucks loaded with aid to the people of Gaza, especially after the hospitals of Gaza had declared their inability to cope with the increasing number of casualties.


Dr. Hassan added that the biggest obstacle for the humanitarian campaigns was the news of the Egyptian government not allowing the aid. Relief convoys waited for two days at the crossing to be allowed to get the aid in.


He confirmed that 23 injured Palestinians have passed the Rafah crossing Tuesday 30/12 to get treatment in Egypt. He also said that a Palestinian was wounded during the raid on the medical convoys.