Zoabi: I will take part in Freedom Flotilla again in spite of all racists

Zoabi: I will take part in Freedom Flotilla again in spite of all racists

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi told other Israeli members from the podium Wednesday that she will participate in the new Freedom Flotilla in spite of the racists and stressed that all threats and incitement against her will never deter her from assuming her humanitarian duties.

Zoabi, from the national democratic assembly, received widespread condemnation from other Knesset members except the Arabs and some tried to physically assault her before and after she took the podium yesterday to give a speech. The session was described as the most violent and riotous for years

Despite that, Zoabi did not care and slammed the Israeli navy’s attack on Monday which led to the killing and injury of dozens of peoples as a criminal act of piracy.

Fears of violence against her forced the Knesset administration to provide her with personal security guards.

According to her parliamentary office, Zoabi received dozens of death threats by phone calls and emails and some wished that her family would face the same fate of Freedom Flotilla activists.

In another context, senior Hamas official in Israeli jails Ra’fat Nassif condemned the massacre committed by Israel against Freedom Flotilla activists as an international stigma that cannot be removed unless the international community seriously moves to punish the perpetrators.

“As the international community justifies, condones or regrets the Zionist terrorist acts against the Palestinian people under official and programmed sponsorship, the Freedom Flotilla massacre happens in international waters in full view of the whole world to remind everyone that the bloody and terrorist approach is the thing which characterizes all successive Zionist governments,” Nassif said in a letter leaked from his cell.

He underlined that Israel’s crimes cannot be stopped except though isolating it, imposing sanctions on it and bringing its leaders to international justice.