Zoabi to testify before UN panel probing Flotilla massacre

Zoabi to testify before UN panel probing Flotilla massacre

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi is expected to testify on Tuesday in Amman before a UN panel investigating Israel’s deadly attack on Freedom Flotilla convoy that happened on May 31.

Zoabi on Monday said she would urge this panel to probe the direct responsibility of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, and his war minister and the army chief of staff for their part in the attack that left nine Turkish activists dead and dozens wounded.

She would also ask members of the panel to make clear recommendations referring those three Israeli officials to the international criminal court as well as to expand its scope to investigate Israel’s violations of international law in its  blockade on Gaza, including war crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed by Israel in Gaza throughout the past four years.

The lawmaker expressed her hope, on behalf of families of Flotilla victims, that the panel would conduct honest and daring probe into the incident unaffected by Israeli pressures, and called on the head of Shabak to enable the panel to listen to the testimony of Sheikh Ra’ed Salah who is serving a prison sentence in Israeli jails.

The UN probe panel is due to initiate its mission today, August 31, and end listening to testimonies on Flotilla attack on the fourth of September.

In a new development, pro-Palestinian Irish groups announced their intention to launch a campaign on Monday to collect donations for the purchase of a ship that would participate in the second Freedom Flotilla aid convoy. 

Organizers of the campaign intend to send about 30 to 50 Irish figures aboard this ship in an effort to break Gaza siege.