Zoweil blames ruling regime for deteriorating level of scientific research

Zoweil blames ruling regime for deteriorating level of scientific research

Nobel Science Prize Laureate Dr. Ahmed Zoweil addressed the teaching staff and students in Alexandria in his word regarding scientific research progress and the government


He maintained that it is abundantly clear that the Egyptian people must themselves build a new system for a new future regarding research. He blamed the current state, which is judged by a low GDP and the high level of illiteracy, and deteriorating performance in education and science, as neither being in consonance with their hearts and minds nor does it provide for their political, economic, and educational aspirations

He stressed this is the same Egypt that produced a leading civilization, world-class universities, and renowned scholars and scientists. Zoweil however was convinced that Egyptians are qualified to regain their glorious past since they have the potential and the country is strategically positioned, geographically and politically and the people have a unique culture of community and family value. He ascertained that Egypt has people with talent and creativity, with nearly half of the population in its youth. These are forces for progress, but without nurturing intrinsic talent and establishing a cogent system of governance the status quo will prevail

He established that a new political system must be set up with, at its core, a constitution defining the democratic principles of human rights, freedom of speech, and governance through contested elections. A select delegation of honorable intellectuals, respected political personalities, and thoughtful religious scholars, perhaps under the patronage of supreme-court judges, should form a council to debate and chart a new constitution for a final referendum involving the people

Zoweil emphasized that the methods used in education, cultural practices, and scientific research must be revisited, reviewed, and revitalized. The goal should be to promote critical thinking and a value system of reasoning, discipline, and teamwork. The government should remain responsible for the primary education of all. Higher education should be based on quality not quantity, receive merit-based funding, and be free of unnecessary bureaucracy. Not the least of the benefits of educational reform is to foster the pride of achievement at national and international levels

The primary objective is to stimulate minds and encourage critical thinking for civilized debates and dialogues


The authority spends much of its finances funding the Interior ministry which could be well spent on scientific research and benefiting the country rather than focusing on the ’emergency law’ which is targeted at many political opposition trends mainly members from the Muslim Brotherhood, 6th April Movement and others


He urged the Egyptian ruling regime to implement these historical changes and, in so doing, become makers of history

Zoweil claimed that there is either a lack of interest or finances going towards scientific research and study in Egypt which resulted in many scholars being strapped with inadequate instruments by which to perform their various fields of research and  this has caused some of the greatest Egyptian scientists and intellects  to migrate to western countries


He highlighted that science and technology once thrived among the Muslims, since they were inspired by the Islamic spirit in the quest for knowledge, and often were supported with appropriate resources in the Muslim lands. These two things have to happen again – an intense activity in science and technology that is supported with resources, even if not quite understood by those in positions of power


He asserted that a reawakening of sorts amongst Egyptian thinkers, will take them what it took the early learners – a quest for knowledge, knowing the knowledge as it exists regardless of its source and having the drive to discover and make a contribution to civilization and the nation