Zunibat: the Egyptian Brotherhood’s Wining Stimulates Islamist

 The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Abdul Mageed el-Zanibate, believes that the contact with grassroots is the top key of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise during December parliamentary polls. The Egyptian MB, in addition, puts forth a methodology that establishes a civil state of vote, of parliament and of democracy within the Islamic framework that fosters equal citizenship. 
’The Brotherhood’s religious dialogue undergoes a renewal of its content and its practices,’ el-Zanibate told Jordanian el-Lwa newspaper.’ Islam is not a solid mould. It is renewable to cope with the changing conditions but in harmony with its fundamentals,’ he added.
’Islamist movement renounces violence, believes in democracy and freedom, and demands reform. Therefore, it will grasp the whole region in the future. It will expand since it has faith in cooperation among civilizations. The West can avail from us as we can make use of it,’ el-Zanibate remarked.
’The Egyptian Brotherhood’s experience has a lot of lessons to be learnt. Its success promotes the triumph of the entire Islamic movement. It also rings the bill for the ruling regimes to consider the Islamists and the national call for freedom,’ he said commenting on the Egyptian Brotherhood’s gains in the parliamentary vote.
’Islamist movement is eternal… since it compasses large-scale classes of Islamic countries. Being hostile to it means growing averse the whole nation. Therefore, it should receive other’s confidence,’ he added.
’Islamist movement is the future of the region. So the West ought to accept this fact and modify its interests in order not to clash with that of the Islamic world and of Islamists who are able to introduce rise-resulting programs, el-Zanibate explained.
He concluded hoping the Jordanian Islamists to be given the appropriate chance to combat violence and terrorism. ’The Brotherhood has a profound role to illustrate the real image of violence-free Islam.’  The mounting popular support for the Islamists is very remarkable as they are contacting the grassroots and grasping their problems. Moreover, the Islamist movement owns institutions that can be dedicated to the public interest.