• March 8, 2009

Zurub urges Egypt not to block way of life line convoy at Rafah

Zurub urges Egypt not to block way of life line convoy at Rafah

Adel Zurub, the information officer of the governmental anti-siege committee has urged Saturday the Egyptian government to facilitate entry of the life line convoy of British MP George Galloway that started from London and expected to arrive at Rafah Sunday.

According to Zurub, the PA government and the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip have prepared everything to receive the convoy in the way it deserves for the sacrifices the organizers have made along that lengthy journey with the aim to extend a helping hand to the besieged Palestinian people in that tiny coastal Strip..

“The committee has contacted the caravan, and we knew [from the organizers] that they were heading to Rafah crossing point, the only entry point into Gaza Strip before them”, Zurub pointed out, adding that the committee called on the Egyptian government to let the convoy pass without hindrances.

Egypt had so far refused to listen to the humanitarian appeals of the Gaza inhabitants to open the crossing point, and had opened it intermittently and occasionally leaving more than 1.5 million Palestinian civilians starving and dying of sickness.

He underlined that program of the convoy was already on the table as government and concerned agencies were prepared to tour the Strip in company of the foreign volunteers in order to see for themselves the volume of the Israeli destruction inflicted on the Strip by the brutal Israeli aggression last January, in addition to take first hand information on the adverse repercussions of the US-Israeli-led economic siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

The 3 km-long British convoy comprises 247 Britons, including 12 ladies, on board 108 vehicles, in addition to 100 Libyans riding 100 vehicles. The convoy brought with it medical, food, and humanitarian assistance, 12 ambulances, fire truck, electric generator, and a boat.