Tunisian Revolution


Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Consultative Council Statement

The Consultative Council of Ennahdha Party met on 16-17 February 2013 to discuss the situation in the country following the assassination of the late Mr. Chokri Belaid and the proposal

Ennahdha Sidibouzid Regional Branch Statement on 17 December Revolution Anniversary

In commemoration of the second anniversary of the 17th December revolution, the spark that lit the Arab Spring,

Tunisia and Egypt One Year On by ESAM AL-AMIN

January 25 marked the one-year anniversary of the inception of Egypt’s revolution against the dictatorship of the Mubarak regime, eleven days after the success of the Tunisian revolution, when its

Condemning Anti-Jewish Slogans, Ennahdha “Jews in Tunisia are full citizens with equal rights and duties”

At the reception of Mr Ismail Haniyeh at Tunis-Carthage Airport on Thursday 5 January 2011, a handful of individuals among the hundreds of people welcoming Mr Haniyeh raised some anti-Jewish

Tunisia: An-Nahdha Warns Against Chaos and Authoritar?ianism

In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful Our revolution is passing through one of its most critical phases, as our people prepare to hold the elections for a

MB Leader in Tunisia Draws Parallels with Egypt’s Revolution

According to Rashid Al Ghannouchi, Head of the Renaissance Party (the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia), Mubarak’s historical trial will push Tunisians to pressure the government to also try the ousted

Tunisia: Joint Statement on Latest Events

Six months after the beginning of the revolution for freedom and dignity on 17 December 2010 in the city of Sidibouzid, a new martyr fell yesterday, 17 July, in the

300 Independent Tunisian Figures Appeal for National Unity

During the last several weeks, we have unfortunately witnessed many indications of deterioration in the security of many regions in the country, misuse of the gift of freedom, and a

Arab Revolutions for Reform and the Demise of al Qaeda Ideology

In a recorded message, Ayman al Zawahri, deputy leader of Al-Qaeda, called on Muslims in North Africa to fight NATO forces in Libya, and accused the US of supporting former

Taking Stock of the Arab Revolutions

The downfall of Ben Ali’s regime was itself the spark for the Egyptian revolution, which erupted eleven days later. By February 11, the Egyptian regime had also collapsed when its