Ikhwanweb Blog: Thoughts of a Muslim Brotherhood Young Woman about Norway Blast

When I first heard of the massacre that took place in Oslo last Friday, I wasn’t shocked as much as I was irritated. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I

MB Organizes Women Conference

The revolution in Egypt has sparked inspiration for men and women alike as a sense of optimism and hope for the future is widespread.

Increased number of women participation in polls

The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, issued a report titled “Egyptian women between the anvil of political parties and the hammer of the quota,” which revealed an increased number of

West Bank rabbi bans women from local election

The chief rabbi of a West Bank settlement has prohibited women from standing in a local community election.

Interview: Police turned me away after sexual assault

Reem is a 21-year-old Egyptian woman who recently graduated from university and is looking forward to the future.

Egypt: Lack of political participation for Christians, women

The third annual report on the status of democracy in Egypt, issued by the Observatory of the State of Democracy of Egyptian Society for the Advancement of Community Participation revealed

Respect candidate spearheads quiet revolution to get Muslim women involved in politics

Drums, loudhailers, chanting slogans. It is a very old-fashioned kind of politics that can be heard on the high street in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The issue has remained largely on the sidelines of Egypt’s social mold for years despite being violently shoved into the mainstream in October 2006. During the Eid celebrations that follow

Confessions of a hijabi

I watched the Bollywood film My Name is Khan the other day. The brilliant depiction of an autistic person by India’s leading actor Shah Rukh Khan and director Karan Johar’s

Egypt’s women judges get favorable ruling

Egypt’s women judges welcomed a Constitutional Court ruling on Sunday that said women can be appointed to the country’s top advisory court. The ruling comes weeks after the State Council