Parliamentary Elections


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Congratulating People of Turkey for Successful Democratic Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the great people of Turkey, the presidency, government, parties and civil society institutions, on the successful completion of the presidential and parliamentary elections in a great

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Jordan’s Islamic Action Front Party on Elections Win

 The Muslim Brotherhood warmly congratulates the Islamic Action Front (IAF) Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, for the great victory in the municipal and provincial councils

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its commitment to complete the January 2011 Revolution, oust the junta and exact retribution from all coup criminals and collaborators.

Egypt National Alliance in North Sinai Urges Military Parliament Election Boycott

Pro-Democracy coalition of anti-coup groups and movements in Egypt's North Sinai exhorts all citizens to boycott the military junta's parliamentary elections.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Turkish Justice and Development Party Elections Win

 The Muslim Brotherhood salutes and praises the Turkish people, who today succeeded in establishing the democratic course it chose for effective change. The group also salutes and congratulates the Justice

Egypt Freedom and Justice Party Congratulations Message to Turkish People

The FJP, the political arm of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, salutes and praises the Turkish people for a great turnout and successful parliamentary elections.

Egypt Anti-Coup Leaders, Public Figures Salute Patriotic People for Junta Elections Boycott

As most Egyptians boycott the military junta's sham parliamentary elections, a group of public figures and leading politicians sign this statement in which they salute the honorable people of Egypt

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Announces Referendum Boycott

The Anti-Coup National Alliance announces it is to boycott the sham referendum on the junta’s constitution scheduled for 14 and 15 January 2014.

Testimony by Ahmed Fahmi, Egyptian Upper House Speaker, Regarding General Sisi’s Claims

Dr. Fahmi’s testimony refuting General Sisi’s claim that Fahmi was witness to President Morsi’s supposed intransigence just before the July 30 coup.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement and Vision on Way Out of Current Crisis

The Brotherhood’s vision for an end to the current crisis in Egypt favors democratic legitimacy and national reconciliation.