Worldwide Campaign by Egyptian Expats to Support Economy Finds Support in the Gulf

As Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil assures pound will recover in the next few weeks, a pro-Egypt online campaign comes to the rescue, urging Egyptians and Arab citizens at large

Islamic Women’s Activism in the Arab World

In the Arab world many different actors work to enhance women's participation, agency and authority based on Islamic arguments and references.

Civil Disobedience, Causes and Implications of Failure

Activists called for civil disobedience to coincide with the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, with a number of youth figures and movements announcing that civil disobedience is the only

No Cause to Delay Democracy

Egypt is facing a moment of truth. The great hopes of its revolution are fading as activists rage against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and society divides over

FJP Leaders Slam Arrest of Activists During Mubarak’s Trial

Legal Advisor for the Freedom and Justice Party and lawyer for the revolution’s victims Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka slammed the continued detention of Activists who were arrested Monday while they

FJP Rejects Military Trials for Civilians, Calls for Dialogue

Describing the upcoming period as crucial, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) stressed that wisdom, understanding and knowledge is essential for the secure transition of power.

Egypt must drop charges against blogger accused of ‘defaming’ military on Twitter

The Egyptian authorities must immediately drop charges against a woman blogger and activist accused of defaming the military on Twitter, Amnesty International said today.

Israeli Navy Encircles “Dignity” at Sea

Three Israeli navy ships are encircling the French boat “Dignity” and blocking it from continuing its sail to the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission, press reports said on Tuesday.

Carnegie Endowment Analyzes Possible Outcomes of Postponing Constitution

A recent report by the Carnegie Endowment analyzes the current controversy in Egypt between those who favor drafting a new constitution first and those who insist on holding parliamentary elections

Former Egyptian VP: Mubarak Was Aware of Details of Killing Protesters

Major General Omar Soliman, vice-president of former president Mubarak and former Head of Intelligence, described the details of Mubarak's involvement in the killing of protesters and he condemns the crime.