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Spokesman Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Recognize Any Elections without President Morsi

Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said the group "does not recognize, or have any thing to do with, elections that may be held in Egypt" in the group’s first official

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release Condemns Coup Junta Killing of Innocent Egyptians, Opponents

This is addressed to the coup junta ruling over the Egyptian people by force of arms: Your continued killing of innocent young people in cold blood after evidently subjecting them

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Condemns Violent Warraq Island Eviction by Coup Forces

The main goals of the military coup d’état of July 3, 2013 in Egypt were the trampling of popular will, undermining the popular Revolution for rights, freedoms and dignity, and

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Slams Upholding of Mansoura Youths Death Sentences

The military coup commanders in Egypt continue to kill Egyptians in cold blood, from extrajudicial killings of citizens subjected to enforced disappearance, to the slow murder of tens of thousands

Rights Groups: Egyptian Authorities Must Halt Execution of Death Sentences Issued in Unfair Trials

As the countdown to the latest execution orders after unfair trials ticks away, several human rights organizations – in a joint statement – urged Egyptian authorities to stop the execution

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to exert legal, political and popular efforts at local and international levels to ensure that all political detainees and those unjustly sentenced to death restore their

Muslim Brotherhood: Unjustly Incarcerated President Morsi’s Life in Danger

The Muslim Brotherhood has received, with great concern and alarm, information about the deterioration of President Mohamed Morsi’s health, as witnessed by his son Abdullah Morsi while attending the sham

President Morsi’s Defense Files Complaint to Public Prosecutor About Threats to His Life

President Mohamed Morsi’s defense team has submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Thursday (June 8), in the presence of Dr Mohamed Salim Al-Awa, Mohamed Tosson, Kamel Mandour, Khalid

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Upholding Death Sentences Against 7 Mansoura Youths

The Court of Cassation’s confirmation today of death sentences against seven Mansoura City young men (in Egypt’s Nile Delta) highlights the continuation of the military junta’s vengeful campaign against the

Statement of Dakahlia Muslim Brotherhood on Confirmation of Execution of 7 Mansoura Youths

Today (Wednesday), the Egyptian judiciary has become more vividly a puppet controlled by a gang of soldiers as it wishes. General Sisi will continue to control the judiciary and trample