Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Al-Sisi As True Tyrant; Vows to Continue Peaceful Protest Action

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates commitment to peaceful action until the Revolution puts the military coup commander on trial, and affirms it will not be intimidated by persecution of its leaders

Osama Morsi: Putschists’ Procedures Remain Null and Void; January 25 Revolution Continues

President Morsi's son echoes the majority of Egyptians' view that the army's power-grab is nothing but a coup d'etat and that all its actions and processes are evidently illegitimate, null

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Vows Escalated Peaceful Protests Across Egypt

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls "The Generals Think It's a Fiefdom" week of revolutionary action starting Friday June 6.

National Alliance Affirms Triumph in Blood Ballot Battle As Egyptians Reject Coup Roadmap

Egypt's pro-democracy coalition against the coup hails popular triumph in the battle of deserted polling stations.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt

As voting in the illegitimate presidential election begins across the country, patriotic Egyptians shun the blood ballot, leaving polling stations empty.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement on Show Presidential Poll

Only 4% of eligible Egyptian expatriate voters cast ballots in the illegitimate elections, compared with 44% in the democratic elections that brought in President Morsi in 2012.

Muslim Brotherhood Praises Pro-Democracy Brussels Declaration

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood reiterates that returning to the path of democratic transformation in Egypt means respecting the people's will and therefore reinstatement of elected President Morsi.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Badie: No One Can Enslave Egyptians

Facing a list of ludicrous, clearly trumped up charges, the 70-year old veterinary professor and Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (Dr. Badie) reiterates commitment to non-violence.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Continued Peaceful Defiance Across Egypt

The Alliance calls for a major escalation in the third revolutionary wave, and continues to exhort all Egyptians to boycott the farcical presidential elections.

Egypt Military Court Jails Ikhwanweb Founder Khalid Hamza and 4 Others

A military court sentences 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders to one-year jail term, including rights activist and Ikhwanweb founder Khalid Hamza.