Kefaya Denounces MB Arrests

The security crackdown against Muslim Brotherhood leaders and student activists is the beginning for a wider crackdown on all forms of dissent in Egypt, Kefaya said today in a statement.

The movement extended its solidarity to the Islamist opposition, warning the country’s political forces not to get distracted by sidebattles. “No matter what was said about the Azhar students’ actions… it is the regime and its security services who are the real criminals,” the statement charged. “The security services ceased protecting ordinary citizens and have become solely devoted to protecting the ruling regime. This regime mobilized its forces to smash peaceful protests over the past two years. This regime unleashed thugs to beat and kidnap peaceful citizens from the streets in April and May 2006 for their solidarity with the judges. This regime used thugs to prevent the opposition of winning in November 2005 parliamentary elections. This regime openned the doors of Ain Shams University for thugs, and stormed Cairo University few weeks ago. This regime has adopted arbitrary detentions and torture as a rule, not an exception.”
It is this regime that all should unite in confronting, the statement asserted, calling for the release of the detained MB Azhar students.

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