Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Gulf Crisis & Terror Accusation

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Gulf Crisis & Terror Accusation
As the crisis in the Gulf region accelerated, the group issued a statement (June 6, 2017), in which it made a sincere appeal to heal the rift and preserve Arab unity.

The name of the group continues to be dragged into this crisis, despite our repeated call for everyone to urgently redress the situation in order to avoid a new disaster adding to the catastrophes afflicting the region, which would make it impossible for any kind of unity to materialize, not only in the Arab region but in the entire Muslim world.

In light of these developments, we affirm the following

1. Good efforts must persist, in order to heal the rift, maintain unity and stop the strife threatening to sever brotherhood ties between peoples.

2. The long history of the Muslim Brotherhood confirms its position of principle of non-interference in the affairs of States or of playing any role that impacts the sovereignty of those States, or takes the Muslim Brotherhood beyond the bounds of a group with a specific declared ideology, just like any other group in the regional or international arenas.

3. The Muslim Brotherhood rejects and deplores the use of the group or its name as a pressure card by any party against another in any dispute, while stressing its total rejection of any accusation regarding the subject of terrorism or the accusation of the State of Qatar of funding the group, in the context of the ongoing Gulf dispute. This is completely untrue. The history of the group, as well as its actual approach, is a testament to its commitment to the principle of preaching mainstream Islam with wisdom, good exhortation and a peaceful approach that rejects any form of violence or terrorism, despite all the brutal persecution campaigns it has endured throughout its history.

Ibrahim Mounir

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Thursday – June 8, 2017