Leaked Letter Reveals Officers Assaulted Muslim Brotherhoods Chairman in Prison

A leaked letter from inside the Tora prison revealed Egyptian security officers assaulted Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie two weeks ago, in order to force him to accept an

Press Release on the Anniversary of Sinai Liberation

Sinai is a bright spot in our national glory, and the pride of the homeland. With its civilization, sanctity, purity and great manifestations; history testifies to its steadfastness generation after

Mounir Responds to Saudi Crown Prince Attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, Ibrahim Mounir, played down the importance of Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman’s pledge to “eliminate what is left of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology”, which

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood Regarding Official Media Representation

In the recent period, several  statements were spread through various media outlets in an attempt to implicate the Muslim Brotherhood, starting with the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egyptians Will Not Hand Over Sinai to the Zionists

 It is indisputable that confronting any terror that targets Egypt is a well-established national affair; also, preserving its territorial integrity and independence is a national duty and a religious obligation.

Essam El Erian: Dozens of Political Prisoners Died As a Result of Medical Negligence in

The leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Dr. Essam El Erian, revealed that  dozens of political prisoners died during last month in Egyptian prisons, as a result of

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Terrorist Attack on Marmina Church

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the terrorist attack on  Marmina Church in Helwan, south of Cairo, which took place today [Friday, December 29, 2017], despite the announcement by the military

More than 300 Muslim Scholars Issue a Statement Forbidding Normalization with ‘Israel’

On Monday, more than 300 Muslim scholars met during a conference in Istanbul to sign the "Covenant of the Muslim Scholars" to end the growing wave of normalization with Israel.

Sisi’s Security Forces Murder 5 More Egyptians in Cold Blood

Sisi’s security forces admitted it assassinated 5 citizens from the governorates of Alexandria, Qalyubiya, and Al Wadi Al Gadid, alleging they carried out attacks against state facilities, and churches across

Press Release on Death Sentences Against 14 Innocent Youth by Military Court

The death sentences against 14 innocent young men by military court in Alexandria is a continuation of the chaos of unjust and politicized rulings, and a continuation of the gang’s