Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates the New Hijri Year

Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates the New Hijri Year

The new Hijri year (1440 AH) is looming while the Muslim Ummah is extensively wounded by aggression, corrupt governments and dictatorial regimes that are subjugated to colonialism in exchange for the power and control over the peoples.


In Egypt, the military coup is becoming increasingly aggressive, vengeful, brutal, and savage against the country’s revolutionaries and honorable Egyptians. The military regime adopts murder, torture, forcible disappearances, and wanton rulings by its politicized judiciary whose latest disgrace is the 75 death sentences and 47 life imprisonment for some of the noblest Egyptians. 


In this gloomy atmosphere, the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the whole Muslim Ummah, receives the new Hijri year, renewing its covenant with Allah to stand firm and determined on the path of the Call to Allah and struggle for the freedom for the peoples. We pray to Allah Almighty to make it as the year of victory and empowerment so as to raise high the banner of Islam and to propagate Islam’s tolerant values and principles amongst all mankind to enjoy and cherish.


We also ask Allah Almighty at the beginning of this year to save the Ummah everywhere from bloodshed; to grant victory and empowerment for its true and just causes, foremost of which is the liberation of the captive Mosque of Al Aqsa; to protect the Ummah from the transgressors’ devise; and to bestow security, peace and stability on Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and all the Ummah’s homelands.


On this occasion, the Muslim Brotherhood offers its greetings and pays tribute to all those struggling for the liberation of their homeland, to all the supporters of freedom everywhere, to our steadfast Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, to the legitimate President of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and all the noble and steadfast women and men behind bars who have been detained and tortured for their defense of their people’s rights and interests.


Muslim Brotherhood


Monday, 30 Dhu al Hijjah 1439 AH, September 10, 2018