Warning of Government Obligations Shirk Toward Pensioner

Warning of Government Obligations Shirk Toward Pensioner

Saber Abulfutuh, member of labor committee at People Assembly (PA) and member of the MB parliamentary Bloc condemned in an exclusive statement to IkhwanWeb the idea of founding a syndicate especially for the pensioners at this time, declaring the government objection to the foundation of any syndicates or unions and said that this issue stirs debate

Abulfutuh wondered about the aim of transferring them to a labor syndicate, because he speculated the government escape from them and the occurrence of conflict between the syndicate and the Ministry of Finance, for not to be the government responsibility anymore.

The attitude of Albadry Farghaly, labor leader and ex-member of the PA was odd regarding the founding of a syndicate for pensioners, because he is supposed to be an opponent, asserted Abulfutuh, adding that they demanded before to found syndicates for instance: General Syndicate for Translators, Librarians Syndicate and Free General Union of Labor Syndicates, all of these demands were rejected.

After the annexation of Ministry of Social Insurances to the Ministry of Finance, the dues of the pensioners at the Ministry of Social Insurances became as custody at the Ministry of Finance and not as commitment from the later toward those pensioners, said Abulfutuh.

Regarding the failure of negotiations between the Pensioners Unions and the Insurances body, he asserted that the dialogue is not easy and that there are attempts to discard this issue totally.