Matan Vilnai threatens Palestinians with a bigger holocaust

Matan Vilnai threatens Palestinians with a bigger holocaust

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told the Israeli Army Radio on Friday: “The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, [the Palestinians] will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust because we will use all our might to defend ourselves.”, according to Haaretz.

This is the first indirect admission by an Israeli official that what Israel is conducting against the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is a holocaust, albeit a slow motion one.

In the past 48 hours, the IOF killed 34 Palestinians including 9 children in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, mostly in airstrikes, and the Israeli occupation government is threatening a major ground offensive of the Gaza Strip and say that the army was ready to carry out such an invasion.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the care taker government of Ismail Haneyya said, in a statement to PIC on Thursday, that more than 70% of those killed and wounded in the latest Israeli occupation onslaught are women and children.

Meanwhile, Ismail Haneyya, in his Friday sermon said that the threat of a ground invasion does not frighten the people of Gaza: “haven”t they [the Israelis] occupied the Gaza Strip for 38 years, what have they achieved? They could not break the determination of the Palestinians to struggle for freedom.”

Haneyya also criticised those who claim that the resistance rockets were the reason for the Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip, saying that resistance factions have effectively stopped firing missiles in the past week, but Israel responded by targeting, on Wednesday, five resistance fighters prompting resistance factions to respond.

“The rockets are just a pretext, the aim of the Israeli onslaught is to make Palestinians submit and stop demanding their rights.”