Our message: On the cusp of the month of patience and victory

Our message: On the cusp of the month of patience and victory

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who follow him. [[The month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was revealed, a guidance for people and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion, so whoever among you witnesses the month, let him fast in it…]].  Al Baqarah 185.

Here are the Muslims depositing the records of their deeds for a year that has passed, hoping for acceptance from Allah, and they welcome with hope a great month in which they fulfill the obligation of fasting and the Sunnah of the night prayer and complete it with giving alms and reciting takbeer, and seek in it to win the virtue of guidance, piety, recitation of the Qur’an, and renewal of covenant and faith.

These are blessed days in which the confused and troubled mankind is inspired by the Muslims’ fasting in this holy month, the lessons of solidarity and interdependence, by experiencing the feelings of the hungry, the needy, and the weak, as well as their joy and happiness when obtaining the means and sustenance of life.

Our call to all Muslims in the world whose hearts Allah has opened to truth and guidance;  As we prepare to set our feet in the lines of prayer, we must straighten our faces and hearts, and devote every effort towards goodness and truth, and to support the homeless, refugees, and the vulnerable who have been subjected to political and social grievances.  As in Egypt, Palestine and other countries, or those who have been exposed to natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes, as in the recent tragedy of our brothers in Turkey and Syria.

As for our offspring, the flower of our countries, the persecuted youth of Egypt, its scholars, and the leaders of opinion and thought;  languishing in the prisons of tyrants, as well as immigrants and refugees fleeing for their religion and dignity.. To all of them we say: The example of you, O patient nobles, who are gripping the embers of grievances and horrific violations, is like the example of your brothers stationed on the outskirts of Jerusalem;  standing firm on the truth, overpowering their enemies. Those who let them down will not harm them, and Allah will not let your faith nor your deeds go in vain. Your path of patience and steadfastness is the path of the prophets, and it is the path of your Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – in calling, migrating and defending, until Allah permits a clear victory and a near conquest.

And let us all remember that the violations committed by the brutal coup authority against you and your families and your loved ones are part of the suffering of our honourable people in Egypt who face the grievances of oppression, humiliation, high prices, etc. And all of this is part of what Muslims in the world are facing in terms of the demonizing of scholars and preachers, violating their right to life, distorting good examples, as well as distorting history and events.

Journey with us

The scene that we saw in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, of the masses, despite being of different nationalities and from different places, donating blood and giving material assistance, and the wide participation in saving lives and providing relief to those affected, is a sign of health for a nation that people thought had died, but – by Allah’s grace – is still alive in which generosity, help and gallantry flow.

This is the righteous caravan that contributed with all its might to support those affected by the pandemics, and is still doing a lot to sound a call to all Muslims to join it and to board with it in the ship of relief, seeking Allah’s grace and desiring that which he has in store.

Palestine compass

And with the month of Ramadan, Palestine will remain the compass that confirms the life of the nation, and gives hope for an upcoming victory, its signs appearing and its features manifested.  Sometimes from Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and sometimes from the West Bank, which rose up in recent months to tell the world that everyone is united like one person defending his land, whether in the West Bank, Gaza or other valiant cities of Palestine.

Our brothers in occupied Palestine have recently been subjected to more than one brutal attack, carried out by the occupying Zionist enemy in the Jenin camp and the city of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank. These barbaric attacks left a large number of martyrs and wounded with live bullets.  Such brutal attacks will not stop, and despite all these wounds, the components of the Palestinian people, at the heart of which is the resistance with all its factions, are steadfast in the land of Palestine.

The state of internal division from which the government of the usurping entity suffers, and the state of disintegration within the Zionist society which has manifested itself in recent years and months, along with the interaction of the resistance in the West Bank and Jerusalem, are new signs of the approaching hour of salvation and victory, Allah willing.

These heroes in the land that Allah has blessed, with their resistance, they send the most eloquent message to those of our compatriots who hasten to normalize relations with the Zionist entity and bet on it, despite its turmoil and weakness, and the disintegration it suffers, that signals its collapse in light of a rising resistance, that seeks to reclaim their right and restore it to its people.

Greetings to the free and steadfast, and their families

And in Egypt [ not far from the betting of some on normalization with the crumbling Zionist entity ] some seek to bet on reconciliation with the authority of the coup, whilst it is in its weakest condition and at its most critical time, without paying attention to the precious state of steadfastness offered by our free brothers in prisons and detention centres.  Those who, if they wanted to, would have been released overnight, but they refused to let their country down or give up on its right to a dignified life.

The steadfastness of the ‘free’ heroes behind the walls and their categorical refusal to make concessions [ and if they’d wished then they could’ve ] has been a motivational resource for the Egyptian people, to whom matters have now been revealed, and to whom the facts have become clear, and all the evils that these heroes had already realized early on, have now become apparent to them.  They were firm on the truth, patient on the battlefield, and did not give up on their religion or their homeland or the right of their people to dignity and to choose who governs them.

These ‘free’ and steadfast ones have a right over us that we must not let them down nor give up the struggle, while we are in a comfortable life, and we must not let their patience and steadfastness be in vain, by rushing to the tyrants while we are in control of our affairs, and one of our first duties towards them is to help them with their families and their children. The Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace – as was narrated by Al-Bukhari on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them, -“ that he was the most generous of people, and he was the most generous in Ramadan, when Gabriel met him, and he used to meet him every night of Ramadan and recite the Qur’an.”  So the people of fasting and the Qur’an should extend a helping hand to their brothers and fulfill their duty of solidarity and compassion. It is not far from us that thousands of families in Egypt are being exposed to the effects of the crimes committed by the brutal coup, such as those detainees behind the walls and the oppression of women and children in front of the prison gates, in addition to dozens of  Millions of Egyptians who are feeling the pain from the state of economic collapse that the failed coup d’état has brought us to.

Community news

After the General Shura Council completed its election procedures and the approval document in January 2023, the Administrative Board began working towards the completion of a number of priority projects, the foremost of which were:

  1. Activating interest in the file of ‘freemen’ in prisons and detention centres through human rights and legal tracks, in addition to the efforts of the group, with all its institutions, to alleviate their suffering and the suffering of their families.
  2. Taking a number of measures towards preserving the fundamentals of the group, its origins and pillars, and confronting all attempts to change its identity or diverting its path, and setting appropriate guarantees to ensure its firmness with the group’s institutions and individuals and filling the gaps created by the recent crisis.
  3. Starting to take measures to develop both the general vision and the political vision of the group according to developments at this phase, and to make assessments of the situation, which take into account local, regional and international developments.
  4. Starting to activate a package of measures to develop and activate the group’s performance with the aim of making a quantum leap, and providing all that is required in terms of development in policies, procedures, means, and administrative and educational training for structures and individuals in accordance with the group’s constants and well-established rules.

The group affirms Its keenness on unity, reunification, and dealing positively with all the initiatives that individuals or institutions put forward with the aim of ending the current crisis, and all of them included the presence of Mr Ibrahim Munir, may Allah have mercy on him, before his death (the most recent of which was submitted by a member of the General Shura Council abroad);  The group affirms that it agreed to any solution whose reference would be the General Shura Council at home and abroad in the form of the body that met on 20-08-2021 headed by Mr Ibrahim Munir, may Allah have mercy on him, and that all issues are on the agenda of the Shura Council, without excluding any of the members’ proposals, whatever they are, and that what the council decides is binding on everyone, asking Allah to inspire everyone with wisdom, and to unite us in that which will be for the good of the call and His pleasure, He who is free of all imperfection.

Covenant and loyalty

The Muslim Brotherhood, with its members and leadership, will not let down the ‘free’ people who are steadfast behind the walls, headed by the Honourable General Guide, Dr.  Muhammad Badie, along with his deputies, the rest of the group’s leaders and sons, and all the prisoners of conscience among the Egyptian people, who will not accept the attempts of some to waste their sacrifices, reneging on their principles, neglecting their steadfastness, or circumventing their constants.  If the group did not do that when some were deceived in the coup;  They will certainly not do it after the people have disavowed it and realized the danger of its continuation on the homeland.

The group also holds the authority of the coup fully responsible for the safety of His Eminence, the patient and persevering General Guide, who was not shaken in the face of all attempts to make him kneel and be humiliated, presenting the model of the faithful preacher in his call and responsibilities and committed in his patience and steadfastness to the ethics and morals of Islam and the group, despite the suffering of his eminence and his brothers in terms of intransigence, prevention of visits and restriction of food, medicines and the simplest of human rights, except that Allah has preserved them and preserved the health of the general guide and his brothers.

It is a covenant, loyalty, and anticipation of the hour of victory and salvation from the oppression of the tyrant, and it is not far from us – by Allah’s will

 [[To Allah belongs the entire matter before and after, and on that day the believers will rejoice, in the victory of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is The Almighty, The Most Merciful.]] Ar-Rum: 5  

Allah is The Greatest and all praise is due to Him.

Mr. Dr.  Mahmoud Hussein

Acting General Guide

Wednesday 23 Shaaban 1444 AH corresponding to March 15, 2023 CE.