Muslim Brotherhood: Official and Popular Diplomacy Will Resolve Any Water Crisis

After decades of neglect by successive governments, Egypt’s African relations need to be deepened and boosted for mutual benefits, especially as water crises loom for several countries.

Amnesty International Demands Independent Investigation Into Rights Violations by Ethiopian Gov’t

The Ethiopian authorities are committing human rights violations in response to the ongoing Muslim protest movement in the country.

Amnesty International Criticizes Ethiopian Gov’t Over Rights Violations Against Muslim Protesters

Widespread violations feared in clampdown on Muslim protests Amnesty International is concerned over the fate of scores of Muslim protestors arrested in Ethiopia during July.

International Press Organization Praises President Morsi Respect of The Press

Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign hails Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s successful efforts to secure the release of an Egyptian journalist from a Sudanese prison.

MB Opinion: Egypt Gains the Seeds of the Revolution

Egypt is currently witnessing a new phase of the revolution nationally and internationally where finally reconciliation between the Palestinian factions has taken place to end years of division.

Burundi signs accord to share Nile

On Monday Burundi had become the sixth African nation to sign an agreement known as the Nile Basin Initiative calling for countries to share the Nile River.

Egyptian officials express anger on Nile water basin agreement

Egypt has strengthened efforts to annul the recent agreement signed by 4 Nile Basin countries to share the Nile 's water.

Nile Basin Initiative celebrates 10 years with stalemate

The Nile Basin Initiative looks to a third meeting of ministers this year to end an ongoing dispute with Cairo over water sharing, but as they celebrate a decade of