Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Jordan’s Islamic Action Front Party on Elections Win

 The Muslim Brotherhood warmly congratulates the Islamic Action Front (IAF) Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, for the great victory in the municipal and provincial councils

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General Condemns Wednesday Crackdown Events

A message from Dr Hammam Saeed, Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General, to all group members, regarding a new campaign against the group by the ruling regime.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Aggression Against Iraq, Syria Sunnis

The Sharia Scholars Committee (SSC) of the Islamic Action Front Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, denounced acts of aggression committed against Sunnis in Iraq and

Muslim Brotherhood’s Ibrahim Munir: We Recognize Only Hammam in Jordan

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms that it is no terrorist organization; and that it stands by its official Shura (consultative) Council and elected leader Hammam.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood: Russia and China Justify Al-Assad’s Crimes in Syria, Must Be Boycotted

Dr. Hammam Saeed, Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan, called for a general boycott of Russian and Chinese goods after both countries used the so-called Veto in the UN Security Council

Jordanian Delegation Visits MB Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie received on Sunday a high profile delegation from Jordan at the MB Headquarters in Cairo, led by Dr. Hamman Saeed Comptroller for the

Jordan MB Blames Government and Police for Friday Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan warned of entering the "Age of mafias and gangs" after the burning of the headquarters of the group and the Islamic Action Front in

Hamas Leader: Palestinian Liberation More Important Than Statehood

Khaled Mashaal, Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, stated that liberating Palestine from occupation is more significant than the bid for its statehood.

MB in Jordan Embarks on Fresh Protests

Jordanian protestors on Friday embarked on a fresh wave of demonstrations despite a general amnesty, which was decreed on Thursday by King Abdullah and pardoned about 4,000 prisoners.

Jordanian MB Forms Political Alliance to Fight Corruption

Disregarding ideological differences, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front and leftist parties formed a National Reform Front to combat corruption.