Peaceful Protests


Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary

NGO ECRF's final report documents junta regime violations against peaceful anti-coup protesters including at least 5 extrajudicial killings, numerous injuries, 193 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in

NGO Reports on Fascist Junta Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday

NGO ECRF reports atrocities against anti-coup protesters including 4 extrajudicial killings, many injuries, 181 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in governorates across Egypt, up to Monday 9:00PM.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails January 25 Revolutionary Wave, Mourns Martyrs

Egypt's broad-based anti-coup coalition calls on all patriotic Egyptians to join the next waves of mass protests across the homeland.

Rights Report on Coup Forces Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday So Far

At the start of the sixth year of the January 25 Revolution, NGO ECRF reports atrocities against non-violent anti-coup protesters including 3 extrajudicial killings, many injuries, 37 arrests and detentions

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Complete Our Revolution’ Week of Peaceful Protest Actions

Pro-Democracy National Alliance vows: criminals, murderers and putschists of the military junta regime will not rule Egypt for long, but will be fairly punished by the people.

Students Against the Coup Urges Revolutionary Unity to Mark January 25 Anniversary

A statement from anti-coup students movement SAC exhorts all patriotic Egyptians to join hands and actively participate in a huge wave of peaceful protests to oust the repressive military junta

Egyptian Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘Egypt In Danger’ Week of Peaceful Protests

Egypt's pro-democracy coalition vows continued peaceful protests as the only way forward until the ultimate defeat of the murderous military junta and the illegitimate coup regime.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Calls ‘Pro-Poor Revolution’ Week of Peaceful Protests

Egypt's anti-coup coalition calls for escalation of public anger in a fresh week of non-violent rallies under the banner 'Salute to the martyrs' mothers… the pro-poor Revolution'.

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘We Will Persist’ Revolutionary-Protest Week

Egypt's coalition of anti-coup groups Calls for a new week of anti-coup protests under the slogan: 'We Will Persist'.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Hails Parliamentarians Conference in Istanbul

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council in exile issues a statement praising legitimate lawmakers' meeting and press conference in Istanbul, Turkey.