Democratic Alliance Stresses on Unity as Elections Approach

Democratic Alliance Stresses on Unity as Elections Approach
The Democratic Alliance continued its series of discussions Tuesday, at the Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters in a closed meeting.

The coalition discussed measures to form coherent strategies and joint electoral lists in addition to highlighting the significance of maintaining internal unity as elections approach.

Although candidates were expected to be chosen during the meeting, Dr. Wahid Abdul Magid announced his opposition to nominations maintaining that the proposed division of the electoral circles is unacceptable. Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, however, called for the nominations for the joint lists to be prepared for discussions for the next meeting scheduled for September 20. 

During the meeting 5 more political parties requested membership in the Democratic Alliance.

According to Abdul Magid, the committee will discuss the applications, and announce its decision shortly. However, Mustafa Abdul Aziz party leader described the requests as precarious adding “Their intentions are vague and it is unclear whether they support our agenda or are after personal interests.”

Beltagy added “Caution is necessary to avoid any new comers from causing rifts within the coalition”.