The beating up of the judges and children were seriously injured by police firing rubber bullets

The beating up of the judges and children were seriously injured by police firing rubber bullets
In a very serious and unprecedented incident of its kind, the police forces have assaulted and beaten up the both of Chancellor Mohamed Shareef Taher, the president of the Court of Appeal and a deputy president to the Electoral Committee and Chancellor Shadi Al-Mahdi, the Deputy to the Attorney General during their follow up of the election process in Nazheer area, one of the suburbs of Kafr Al-Dawwar. Whereas the people in Edco and Rasheed Constituencies who are under an unprecedented complete siege are boiling in anger since early morning due to the illegal practices of the security police forces-who are present in huge numbers-who are cordoning off all polling stations and preventing the locals from casting their votes.
The people who eventually managed to make it to the polling station at Sa’ad Zaghlool School, in Rasheed, were astonished to find their polling cards were already marked for the NDP candidate. While in ward 138, in Ameriya Al-Gharbiyah, in Rasheed the electoral lists were swapped so that electorates could not cast their votes. Also the NDP zelous went to the extreme of removing the list of names starting with the alphabetical Aien and Miem-which constitutes most common names. To the shock of the local residents, they discovered more than 400 names on non-residents-so called collectively registered non-resident- in each polling station.
In the Agricultural Co-op polling wards of the four villages, the State Security officers only allow the NDP voters to enter into polling stations while denying the majority of people access and preventing them from casting their votes.
In Rasheed10 supporters of Dr Abdolhamead Zaghlool, the MB candidate, were arrested. Also numerous vehicles transporting voters were confiscated by the security forces. These breaches have prompted Dr Zaghlool to picket inside Edco Police Station until the election is cancelled, especially with preventing locals from casting their votes and the physical assault on one of his representatives, Dr Amro Al-Telmesani who was seriously injured and still in critical conditions.
To this end, Mr Zakariya Mohammed Al-Janiany, the MB candidate for Kafr Al-Dawwar, has announced his picketing inside the office of Chancellor Mahmoud Al-Ghool, the Chairman of the Electoral Committee which supervises the election process in Kafr Al-Dawwar due to the following reasons;
Prevention of all electorates from casting their votes at most of wards as a result of police cordoning off all polling stations;
Police shooting with live munitions on electorates in Al-Akresha polling station;
Beating up-with bricks- the overseeing judges inside their respective polling stations;
The swapping of all electoral lists which were in use during the first stage with lists of Rasheed-a completely different city;
Mobilisation of convoys of buses and coaches full of people from Rasheed to cast their votes for the NDP candidate for Kafar Al-Dawwar;
The prevention of all of Mr Al-Janiany’s representatives  from entering the polling stations to inform the judges of events of beating up of electorates and representatives of the MB candidates at the hands of the security forces as well as encouraging the NDP thugs to beat up the candidate himself. Whereas the Chancellor Mohammed Awad who presides on ward 47 took the empty ballot box and displayed before the president of the General Electoral Committee as an exhibit of an election rigging perpetrated by the police in behalf of the NDP.
The Security Intelligence Police-Mabaheth- Have Carried an Assault on a Nursery
In Etai Al-Barood Constituency an unspeakable crime and an utterly deplorable human right violation incident took place this morning when both of Hesham Mohammed Abdol-Haleam Al-Serafi accompanied by his brother Hosam Mohammed Abdol Haleam Al-Serafi, an Intelligence Police-Mabaheth- officer in Sharm Al-Shaikh with a rank of colonel, Mohamed Hosain Al-Serafi and a large number of the Serafi’s family broke into the Noor Al-Islam Nursery, destroying all of its contents and terrifying more than 600 child. They used force to shut the nursery down in the absence of its owner Emad Mohamed Abo-El Ola’a and his co-partner Al-Saied Ali who is admitted to hospital since early this morning and is currently lie in the intensive care unit due to brain damage as a result of a previous savage beating accident-by the same family- which took place this morning in front of the polling station.
In Shobrakheat, the police had arrested both of Mohamed Abdol-Maqsood (at the faculty of commerce) and Mahmoud Al-Faiyed (faculty of social services) as well as detaining Majdi Al-Shhaat inside the polling station after a series of staunch attacks by the police on the electorates.
In Koam Hamadah, a group of NFP-thugs led by Ahmed Soliman, an ex-police colonel, are terrorising the electorates in wards 6, 10, 11 and 12 of Safiya Zaghlool School whereby they threaten the overseeing judges under the guises and full protection of the police security forces. The name of these thugs are; Mohammed Ramadhan Abdol Qawi, Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim, Yaser Wafdi Sabbah, Mohamed Hosain Hawwash, Hamadah Fathi Abbas, Saher Mohammed Khairollah, Ashraf Mohamed Abdol Fattah, Mohamed Radhi Sallam, Abdol Lateaf Sabri Sabon, Mohammed Al-Zawi, Badawi Kamel Badawi and Ramadhan Isma’il Al-Zaqzooq. These thugs move from one polling station to another using taxis numbers Alex 35450&36671 seen in front of Safiya Zaghlool School and taxi numbers 37390, 38791&35474 in front of Shabboor School.
Wadi Alnatroon, particularly Abo Al-Khawi’s region has witnessed an incident of a direct of assault by the police forces on the local residents. To start, they closed all gates and prevented all but the NDP’s supporters from entering the polling stations. When the local residents of the village have realised the sinister nature of the police tactics they insisted on entering the polling stations to cast their votes for Mohammed Kamal Khedr, the MB candidate, who is challenging Ahmed Al-Laithi, a cabinet Minster. The security forces tried to prevent them from entering the station and when they failed to stop them, they resorted to using violence and fired live munitions on local residents injuring five, one in serious conditions.
Back to Shobrakheat Constituency, s the NDP candidate, Shamoldene Anwar Shams had snatched the breaches and violations reports-which contained numerous names of collective registration of non-residents from Etai Al Barood- from the hands of the overseeing judge of ward 12 in Bandar Shabrakheat, assigned for women, and torn it apart in front of voters.
In ward 105 in Laqqanah, in Mahallat Bishr, an incident guaranteeing its deservedly place on human right breaches record, that was the assault on electorates by the security forces using tear gas canisters followed by the arrest of Mohammed Rajab Zaiyed, Mohamed Abdol Hadi Obied, Yusri Barakat, Hassan Mahmood Zaied, Mohamed Ahmed Salem, Waleed Abdol Aziz Braniah, Ahmed Abdol Aziz Rahamah, Tareq Shawqi Hammood and Samarah Abo Al Attah, all MB supporters from Mahallat Bishr. The current incidents of assault on electorates with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets that took place in Shobrakheat Constituency resulted in numerous cases of injured residents including a 12 years old child who is critically injured due to a rubber bullet into his head and is currently in Laqqanh’s hospital which can not cope with the injured whose number reached 43 persons. Amongst the injured are Ayman Darweach, Ibrahim Abdol-Jawwad (20 years old) and mohammed Khameas, 28 years old. Houses that are close to the shooting scenes and belong to both Dr Tal’at Al-Haaj and Mr Addol-Haleam Al-Jammal were burnt. Random arrest was carried out on local residents including Yasser Barakat, Ahmed Rahamah and Yahiya Awad. The security forces also physically assaulted number of women. In spite of all police atrocities and the terror tactics used, the honest people are still gathering in defiance and insisting on entering the polling station to cast their votes.
Members of the Arba’ine Local Council resigning in protest to Police Assault on Local Residents:
Ahmed Abdol Ghani Abo Hosain and Khalil Awadollah. Both are local councillors in Suez Governorate have resigned in protest to arrest of women by the security police who arrested the wife of the Local Council Leader and an NDP member In Al-Janahine, because of support to the MB candidate. Al-Omdah Village has witnessed police provocations-usually dubbed as investigations- as well as a complete siege of the polling stations inside the Health Unit and in Saeid Al-Beshli School. The security were augmented with more forces sent from Cairo to Al-Omdah Village due to an escalation of tension in the region which has witnessed the paradoxical voting of the NDP members for the MB candidate.
In Port Saeid Governorate, the number of arrested MB supporters has sharply risen to 39 in Al-Arab and Port Fouad Constituencies. Earlier the police have arrested Mohamed Ahmed At’oot, Mo’eimn Tawfeeq, Mahmoud Nadi Soliman and Islam Mohamed Al-Manakhli who were picked up in front of Port Fouad Girls, second ward. Police also arrested Walead Al-Taweel during casting his vote at Port Fouad Primary School ward, Mohamed Kamal Mehrez in front of Al-Kholafa’a Al-Rashedene in Port Fouad, Saif Al-Islam Hassan Al-Ezabi during casting his vote at Jamal Abdol Nasser School polling station, Monier Al Saied Abo Zied who was arrested in front of Safiya Zaghlool School in Al-Arab Constituency, Mosa Hassan Al-Maghrabi in front of Al-Teneas School, Ashraf Meshkak while casting his vote at the Nursing College ward and Mohammed Al-Fallah who was arrested in front of the Nursing College polling station in Al-Arab  and the Suburbs Constituency.
An overseeing judge at Jamal Abdol-Nasser School, in the same constituency of Al-Arab and the Suburbs has arrested one voter in possession of a so called circulating card (another novelty of the NDP vote rigging techniques whereby the often very poor voter is handed an already marked card to drop in the ballot box while hiding his or her own card which is left unmarked to hand back to one of the NDP representatives in return of money) after he was spotted and captured by Dr Akram Al-Sha’ir representative who handed him over to the judge. The judge has insisted on knowing the name of the person who handed him the circulating until Mohammed Hazem Sha’aban, a State Security officer had entered the ward, took the card from the judge and also took the culprit out of the station in order to investigate the incident, but set him free and left him to go home. Also 2 more circulating cards were uncovered at Kassem Amin polling station and a report of the incident was logged.
Whereas the Judge Amro Abdollah Omar Mostafa, of ward 76 in Bahr Al-Baqr was in clear breach of the Electoral Law as he was seen relaxed in allowing people who are not in possession of IDs to cast their votes as well as not using the phosphoric ink to mark electorates in order to stop sheeting by repeated voting of same persons.
A Judicial Report Confirms Serious Breaches in the Run-Off of the Stage 2 Parliamentary Election, by Yasser Hadi
The first report published by the Egyptian Society for Enhancement of Social Participation on the run-off of the second stage of the Parliamentary Elections confirms that voters were prevented en-masses from casting their votes by police officers. The report refers to the arrest of number of the MB candidates in addition to Human Rights observers- NGOs- from entering the polling stations for monitoring purposes.
In Shobra Al-Khaima, 2nd Constituency, the door of the polling stations opened as late as 9:30 under the false cover of the lack of the phosphoric ink. After 9:30 only 3 stations were opened namely Secondary Girls, 15th May and Omar Abdol-Aziz. The Constituency has witnessed an intensive police presence much higher than that of the first stage. In spite of all these obstacles the Constituency has witnessed since very early in the morning the arrival of large numbers of citizens arrived at polling station to cast their votes. The security police have prevented the electorates from entering the polling stations-which is the common feature in this run-off- in spite of all preparations and the completeness of all formalities which lead to friction between electorates and police forces. The Society’s observers referred to similarity of prevailing atmosphere during the early hours of today to 2000 election where the common factor is heightened tension between the security forces and the citizens.
The report also added that Al-Faiyoom has witnessed number of breaches including; not opening the doors of the polling stations in Sannoris Constituency for a very long time after the official starting time in spite of the presence of huge crowds of people waiting outside since early morning to cast their votes; the violent behaviour of the security forces with electorates a
 Well as smashing one of the MB member’s personal computer; the arrest of some MB members earlier this morning including Ashraf Mohamed Farahat, Ramadhan Mohamed Abdol-Tawwab, Karam Mohamed Mostafa, Salamah Abdol-Azeam, as well as preventing the Society’s observers from entering into polling stations. In Ebshewai District, where the MB candidates contesting the seat currenltly held with the incumbent Dr Yusof Wali’s, a previous Cabinet Minster of Agriculture and one of the ex-pillar of the ruling NDP executive committee where the Society’s observers have witnessed the transfer of Jamal Yahiya, the Chief Engineer away from his place of work for his apparent support for the MB candidate during the first stage of election earlier this month. The Sherrif of Ibshewai District was also transferred from his current position after finalising the first stage of election without any given reasons up till now. The rumour has it as this was due to his support for the NDP candidate in Abo-Kesah Village. On the other hand, the local residents of Al-Mashraj South region, the homeland of the MB candidate were confronted by large number of thugs standing outside the polling stations to prevent electorates from entering to cast their votes as well as forcedly withdrawing the ID of one of the Human Rights NGO’s observers and preventing him from entering to monitor the election process. The report also indicated that the Suez Governorate polling stations have witnessed the arrest of a number of the supporters of the MB candidates including Reddah Desoqi, Nasseroldene Mahmood, Ala’a Ghareab who were picked up in front of polling stations at Port tawfeeq, Salah Naseem and Salah Salem Schools in the first and second constituencies under the false reason of causing delay to the electoral process. The report also pointed out to the closure by the police of all streets that lead to the polling stations and denial of passage to all electorates but those who carry polling cards amongst the NDP supporters. The Human Right NGO’s observers were denied access to polling stations in Al-Janaien region as well as in Faisal region due to a heated row between the security forces and the observers.