Egypt Shares Palestinians the 60th Nakba Anniversary

Egypt Shares Palestinians the 60th Nakba Anniversary

Many events have taken place today in Egypt on the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe “Nakba” when Israel was established and Palestinians were uprooted from their houses.

 The public committee to support Palestinian resistance staged a peaceful protest today in front of the lawyers syndicate in Egypt, declaring their full support to the Palestinian people on the Nakba day.

Gamal Tag Al-Din, board member in the lawyers syndicate and a Muslim Brotherhood member, stated that any events supporting the Palestinian case aims at raising people’s awareness to declare their protest on Israeli brutality towards Palestinians, and to call for lifting the siege on Palestine.

In addition, a conference was held yesterday at the Egyptian Doctors’ syndicate concerning the Palestinian case.

The conference included a large number of political and economic intellectuals, in addition to media representatives who tackled the Palestinian case from different perspectives concerning the legal, economic, and media situations.

Member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary group, Ashraf Badr Al-Din, criticizes exporting Egyptian Gas to Israel while the Israeli brutal practices continue in Palestine, including besieging Gaza and not providing Palestinians with any energy.

Badr Al-Din discussed the social and economic status of the Palestinian society stating that 68% of Palestinians are living under the poverty line, and unemployment has risen to nearly 30% since last year.

Ahmed Bahha Al-Din, a political activist, confirmed in yesterday’s conference the necessity of adopting the boycott policy to end the Israeli violations practiced on Palestinians.

He called for boycotting Israeli products once again as such boycott much affects their economy.


Similar events were held in countries such as Jordan, Switzerland, and Palestine to protest the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.