Gov’t Detains 81 MB Members for 15 Days

Gov’t Detains 81 MB Members for 15 Days


Agroup of 81 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders arrested on Thursday Feb. 15, appeared before the Higher State Security Prosecution which ordered them jailed for 15 days pending investigation on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group and inciting the public against the regime.
   The group has been arrested on Thursday at dawn raid, the biggest since 180 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders were arrested last December .
Observers point out that this fierce attack against the Muslim Brotherhood is an attempt to curb the group”s role and activities ahead of the Shura Council elections next April and in order to pass the constitutional amendments that restrict freedoms and to ensure a smooth path to the file of Tawreeth (the heridatory transfere of power from Mubarak to his son, Gamal)
  This latest crackdown raises to 300 the number of Muslim Brotherhood detainees in only two months.
The following is a list of the detainees:
In Cairo
-Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam: Secretary-General of relief committee of Arab Doctors” Union and Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the 2005 People”s Assembly elections for Qasr Al-Neel constituency
-Omar Abdullah: civil engineer and coordinator of the anti-sequestration group of engineers
-Dr. Amr Al Harishi: Gynecologist
-Eng. Mahmoud Douma, Al Manial District. Arrested on Wednesday evening and his office, his house and car were ransacked.
-Accountant Mohamed Hassan: office manager of Mr. Mohammedi Abdul Maqsood, a Muslim Brotherhood member of parliament for Helwan
-Mohamed Beltagi: office manager of Ali Fath Al Bab, a Muslim Brotherhood member of parliament for the city of 15 May.
-Reda Fahmi
-Samir Al Nagar, from Al-Zawya Al-Hamra
-Mostafa Abu Taleb: office manager of Muslim Brotherhood member of Parliament Hazem Farouk
In Alexandria
-Dr. Hassan Al-Brense: professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
-Dr.Tawakul Massoud: Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 legislative electrons for Dikheila
-Mr. Fouad Elwan: Al Medina Al Monawara school principal
-Salah Madani: office manager Mr. Mostafa Mohamed a Muslim Brotherhood Member of parliament
-Mohamed Mabrouk: teacher
-Eng. Hossam Refaat: engineer at oil company
-Adel Hefni: businessman
-Abu Zeid Mohamed: accountant
-Alaa Mutawe: accountant
In Giza

-Abdul Salam Bashandi (Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 legislative elections for Kerdasa).
-Yahya Rizk (from Kafr Gatati, a Sharia teacher in Al-Azhar).
-Mohamed Ibrahim (Mazghona).
-Abdul Nasser Abu Al Dahab .
-Ahmed Abdul Fattah (Al-Saf)
 -Hossam Shendi .
-Ashraf Eissa.
-Nasser Ramadan .
-Dr. Abdul Magid Omran (a pharmacist at Nahia).
In Sharqiya
-Al Saadani Ahmed Al Berri (an accountant in the bar association in Zagazig- Sharqiya)
-Ahmed Abdul Maqsoud (ex- Teachers” Syndicate Secretary-General – Kafr Sakr)
-Sobhi Al Ghandour (pharmacist – Zagazig)
-Eng. Alaa Massoud (Abu Hammad)
-Sabri Abdul Maqsoud (Employee in the Education District- Fakous)
-Hassan Solaiman (Electricity Authority deputy – Al-Qurein)
-Mahmoud Al Kashef  (merchant – Abu Kabeer)
-Eng. Mohamed Fayyad (Darb Nigm)
-Dr. Mohamed Al-Sayyed (surgeon in Kinayat hospital)
-Al-Sayyed Arabi (instructor in the Ministry of Education)
-Refaat Abdul Rahim (tax collector in Zagazig)
-Abdul Nasser Abdul Fattah (a teacher in the Education Department – Abu Hammad)
-Al-Sayyed Abdou (a real-estate tax collector- Hihia)
-Eng. Kamal Atiya (employee at the atomic energy agency- Menia El Kameh)
-Mahmoud Al-Waheed (public employee – Darb Nigm)
-Sayed Abdul Magid (a teacher – Al-Ibrahimiya)
-Qanoue Nagm Husseini (teacher – Al-Ibrahimiya)
-Dr. Ehab Ibrahim (a professor at the College of Specific Education, Zagazig University – Menia El Kameh).
In Gharbiya:
-Hamdi Radwan (the office manager of a Muslim Brotherhood MP and was a candidate in the legislative elections- village of Koutor)
-Samir Al Bishlawi (an accountant in the Education Department- Kafr Al-Zayat)
-Mahmoud Abul Enein (owns a book store and an employee in the Salt & Soda Co.- Kafr Al-Zayat)
-Al Sayed Qandil (Tanta – wasn”t at home during the sweep)
-Abd Al-Alim Rajab (wasn”t at home during the sweep)
-Hossam Zayed (wasn”t at home during the sweep)
In Monofiya:

-Dr. Mostafa Al-Halwani.
-Dr. Abdullah Al Nahhas .
-Dr. Gamal Khalifa .
-Dr. Fathi Tawfik .
-Eng. Saad Abul Enein .
-Eng. Fathi Abdul Ghani.
-Ashraf Alamudin  (Shama Ashmun).
-Dr. Ahmed Shahin (Birket El-Sab).
In Al Fayyum:

-Mostafa Atiya Mohamed (accountant)
-Eng. Saad Mahmoud
-Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi (accountant)
-Dr.Ahmed Fouad Beltagi
-Eng. Gamal Abdul Fattah
-Mohamed Radwan (accountant)
-Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Razek (teacher)
-Ayman Qorani Mohamed (court employee)
-Mohamed Hashem (Applied syndicate Secretary-General)
-Azmi Ahmed Abdul Tawwab (Imam of a mosque)
In Al-Qalyubia:
-Hani Arabi (Kafr Shukr).
-Hamada Abu Zeid (Kafr Shukr).
In Behera:

-Mohamed Abdul Fattah Shatat (a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 legislative elections for Wadi Al-Natrun constituency.
-Al Shafie Mohamed Bayyoumi Al Banna (Abu Elmatamir center).
-Atef Ahmed Abdullah.
-Mohamed Ahmed Gomaah .
-Masri Saad Masri Kusheik
-Shaban Ragab Fathallah Nawar.