Kefaya leader committed to democratic process

Kefaya leader committed to democratic process

Appointed at the end of January, General Coordinator of Kefaya Abdel Wahab El Messiri reiterated his commitment to stepping down from his post at the end of his term.

“I want to lay the rules for a democratic process,” he told Daily News Egypt. “This is unlike other opposition groups, which do not have democratic practices and a change of leadership.”

Hani Enan, one of the key founders of Kefaya, told Daily News Egypt that: “We made an agreement when he took the position that the term of General Coordinator is only one year for everybody. George Ishaq was there for two years only because he was the first one.”

“We wanted it to be a rotating position…this will allow new inventions and fresh blood.”

“The position is for a leader, not coordinator. Kefaya is made up of political activists and most have their own work aside from it. We are not looking for someone to have authority over us, just coordinating and working together.”

While it seems most likely that he will step down at the end of his term, El Messiri left a little leeway to stay on a bit longer. “My term may be one year because of my health condition.”

El Messiri suffers from blood cancer and has been undergoing treatment for the last 10 years. “Perhaps it will be a year and a half. They might insist I stay for another year. It isn”t the set rule for all general coordinators to stay one year only.”

However, El Messiri made it clear that he would only stay at the will of the Central Committee. “Power is vested in me by the Central Committee, which is comprised of about 30 people, and I make statements agreed upon by them.  If there is some sort of emergency, I can take action on my own. But we have democratic decision-making in Kefaya.”

He continued to outline his desire for Kefaya to become an institution, which meant to him that, “We will have democratic decision-making and create a body of Kefaya that will be infused with life. There will be checks and balances and accountability. Also there will be branches in all the provinces to take part in the movement.”

Above all, he stressed that Kefaya “wants peaceful change. We do not wish there to be a populist uprising, as we believe that will be very destructive.”

For now, Kefaya is working to shine a spotlight on the government”s activities. “We want to expose the files of corruption. Toshka, the selling of the banks, we are making files on all of this and we have researchers working on this now. We do not want to make irresponsible charges. Hussein Abdel Hadi is preparing files on the sale of public sector companies at ridiculously low prices, for example.”

“We hope to have a conference on Toshka soon, before the start of Ramadan, when political activity ceases.”