Israeli Soldiers


Israeli court allows displacement of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah area

Haaretz newspaper said on Tuesday that the Israeli high court issued a decision allowing the right-wing institutions active in settlement construction to initiate procedures for the immediate displacement of tens

Two Palestinians injured in fourth day of Silwan protests

The fourth day of clashes on Saturday in the Silwan district of Jerusalem was heated, as the area saw an unusually heavy presence of Israeli soldiers, who turned the Batn

Palestinian man shot during peaceful anti-wall march south of Gaza

A Palestinian man was shot by Israeli troops east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources said on Sunday.

Israeli Soldiers Sexually Abuse Palestinian Children

Damning (September 9) CNN report cites uncorroborated sexual abuse charges of Palestinian children detained by IDF." Military officials refused to "respond to abuse charges as no details (were) provided," a

New photos of soldiers rejoicing at killing, arresting Palestinians exposed

The Israeli Shovrim Shtika (breaking the silence) organization unveiled pictures posted by Israeli soldiers on the internet showing them standing beside Palestinian detainees or dead bodies rejoicing over what they

Israeli soldiers deliberately break baby’s arm near Bethlehem

10-month-old Mu’min al Qasrawi was taken to the Maqasid hospital in Jerusalem Monday evening after Israeli soldiers deliberately broke his arm.

Israel turns to Facebook to recruit informers

According to the Palestinian resistance, Hamas, Israel has been using the social networking website Facebook for recruiting spies.

This Time We Went Too Far: review of Norman Finkelstein’s book on Israel’s Gaza blitzkrieg

Stuart Littlewood reviews Norman Finkelstein’s book, This Time We Went Too Far, which “pulls together the facts surrounding Israel's blitzkrieg on Gaza” and “plots the long lead-up and the reverberating

The Spot-and-Shoot Game: Israeli female soldiers kill by remote control

The female soldiers, located far away in an operations room, are responsible for aiming and firing remote-controlled machine-guns mounted on watch-towers every few hundred metres along an electronic fence that

Israel records escalating number of suicide cases

The Israeli army has voiced alarm over the escalating number of suicide cases among it service members since the beginning of the year.