Gov’t committee calls on Arab foreign ministers to work on ending Gaza suffering

Gov’t committee calls on Arab foreign ministers to work on ending Gaza suffering

The government committee to break the siege called on the Arab foreign ministers who met Saturday in Jordan to work strenuously to carry out urgent relief programs in the Gaza Strip and take a brave Arab resolution to end the siege and open the crossings.

In a press statement received by the PIC, spokesman for the committee Adel Zu”rub urged the Arab ministers to fulfill the pledges made during the Doha summit and take a unified Arab position towards the Palestinian cause.

“We do not need marathon meetings, but we want a unified Arab stance towards breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip, and confronting the fascist occupation government and its aggressive schemes against the Palestinian people,” Zu”rub underlined.

The spokesman also appealed to the Arab ministers to address the far-right Israeli government”s decisions to escalate settlement and judaization schemes in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

In the same context, Dr. Yousef Rizqa, the political advisor to the Palestinian premier, expressed hope that the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Jordan would not be a transient gathering reflecting the state of vulnerability and hesitation in the Arab official position.

In a press release received by the PIC, Dr. Rizqa underscored that the extremist right-wing Zionist culture that produced the war in Gaza is the same one which generated this fascist and racist government and its leaders, pointing out that the Israeli government declared that it would not be bound by the Annapolis decisions or the two-state solution.

The political advisor added that the new Zionist government denies the Palestinian rights and provides poor alternatives in exchange such as the economic peace and the mutual security relations, noting that these two equations mean that there could be no Palestinian state or recognition of international resolutions in this regard.

The advisor called on the convening ministers in Amman to declare to the western world that the international law allows the Palestinian resistance to continue their struggle until the attainment of freedom, and to demand the international community to impose sanctions against the Israeli government that repudiates the Palestinian rights and does not believe in any solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.