• April 28, 2014
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Egypt National Alliance Rallies Outside ‘Privatized’ Public Prosecution Service Sunday

Egypt National Alliance Rallies Outside ‘Privatized’ Public Prosecution Service Sunday

To all patriotic heroes of the Revolution…

Last Friday’s great millions of peaceful protesters witnessed the Revolution gain yet more ground and supporters for absent justice, renewed their determination and refreshed their hope. Those non-violent demonstrations have effectively laid siege to the murderous military junta’s lust for power and the senseless killers’ aspirations in transforming Egypt into a ‘private’ fiefdom for the corrupt and the traitors.

Millions across Egypt joined your most majestic peaceful protests, notwithstanding the terror coup forces brutally deal and the innocent blood they so callously spill. Your protest activities carried many a message, in support of the Sinai as it condemns the generals who hijacked the Egyptian army with the help of putschist foreign masterminds.

Millions turned out also in support of the Sinai, to wrest its citizens’ rights and freedom from Mubarak’s henchmen and cronies, and to express the people’s rejection of the horrendous crimes perpetrated daily by the traitors and the enemies of democracy against all Egyptians, and – especially – against detained dissidents and political prisoners.

Renew and strengthen your bonds with God Almighty. Spread all over the homeland. Protest in peacefulness, with selfless devotion and ingenuity. Persist in your non-violent fight against falsehood. Raise posters of the detainees and martyrs.

This Sunday (April 27) is a great revolutionary day, in all parts of Egypt, against the ‘privatized’ public prosecution service, which now works exclusively for the benefit of the demented junta, having given up independence of the judiciary and the rule of law, and which never lifts a finger against the crimes of the coup, the military junta, the usurpers of power and of the homeland’s wealth, who have hijacked the Revolution and robbed the people of their freedoms and rights.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: April 25, 2014