Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Port Said Massacre

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Port Said Massacre

The Muslim Brotherhood is  shocked, saddened and dismayed at news of the massacre that took place in Port Said Stadium after Al-Ahly vs. Al-Masry match, and claimed the lives of more than seventy martyrs, with hundreds injured. This is the result of vicious aggression. Evidently, there is a hidden plot behind the massacre, which had no justification. Also, failure of the police to protect the citizens cannot be simply described as neglect or default. In fact, the state of security chaos and disorder in all parts of the country has produced several armed robberies of banks, and murders for trivial reasons, with some even threatening to attack the parliament building, and violently attacking Muslim Brotherhood (MB) youths who sought to secure it. Amidst all this, we fear that some police officers aim to punish the Egyptian people for the revolution, for banishing their tyranny over the people, and cutting down their privileges.

Certainly, the authorities covered up for those responsible for the disasters that occurred previously in Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and the Cabinet area, blaming unknown persons for bloody crimes every time, allowing the real criminals to escape prosecution and punishment. All this allowed criminals intent on spreading death and destruction to come out and do their worst, completely safe from prosecution.

Further, charging the hearts of fans, who call themselves "Ultras", with hatred and hostility towards other fans, and reprehensible intolerance and loathsome fanaticism towards their football clubs, with thugs mixing amongst them, and with dubious parties facilitating their aggression on others, are some of the causes of this tragedy. On the other hand, we believe that sport, by its very nature, means refined, civilized behavior in competition.

We warn officials of attempts to destroy Egypt or burn and demolish its institutions, a theory espoused by some. We therefore call for firmness in applying the law to everyone, without bias or partiality, and without regard to domestic or foreign pressures. Security is just as essential basic a need for life as food and drink.

In conclusion, we offer our most sincere condolences to the families of martyrs. Our hearts bleed for them as we pray to God to grant them His ultimate mercy. And we pray for the injured to get well soon.

May God protect our beloved Egypt and its noble people from all evil and save them from all harm.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – 1 February 2012