• December 20, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Aqrab Detainee Families’ Unending Suffering

Aqrab Detainee Families’ Unending Suffering

The Families of Aqrab Detainees Association (FADA)  complained of the notorious prison’s systematic abuses and repeated violations by military coup authorities, during the past few years.

In a statement, FADA, comprised of families of political prisoners, including prominent figures and former officials, said visits were illegally banned for long months on end, and so were blankets, medicines and money brought by families for their loved ones held in Aqrab Prison. FADA also complained of brutal ill-treatment and clear and systematic violations against the families of the detainees when visits are allowed.

FADA added that according to testimonies by the families of the detainees, a visit does not exceed one minute, per person – and no more than 5 minutes in total, after long hours of waiting,  inspection, standing in long lines to get on the Visitors Register.

FADA further demanded visits should be allowed for 60 minutes without glass barriers, that no-one should bar any visiting family who had a permit from the public prosecutor for a visit. FADA also mentioned that propaganda published by Aqrab Prison administration about allowing visits is nothing but utter lies.

Moreover, FADA noted in its statements about the Aqrab Prison crisis that the prison practiced extrajudicial slow murder of detainees, with deliberate neglect and medical negligence, brutal abuse, or by absurdly banning medications or visits.