• MB News
  • August 28, 2010
  • 5 minutes read

MB online petition secures 600, 000 signatures alone on its official website

MB online petition secures 600, 000 signatures alone on its official website

48 days into its launching the Muslim Brotherhood‘s online campaign to gather signatures in support of the National Association for Change’s "Seven Demands for Reform" charter has secured 600,000 signatures on its website alone.

The petition launched by the MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie   calls on all Egyptians to participate eagerly and enthusiastically in this campaign, in order to eliminate corruption, prevent fraud, stop torture, and preserve the dignity of the Egyptian citizen internally and externally, through putting an end to the state of emergency.

The seven points of the charter backed by the Brotherhood include:

1. Ending the state of emergency.

2. The empowerment of the Egyptian judiciary to supervise the full electoral process as a whole.

3. Control of the elections by local civil society organizations and international levels.

4. Providing equal opportunities in the media for all candidates, especially in the presidential election.

5. Enabling Egyptians abroad to exercise their right to vote in embassies and consulates in Egypt .

6. Ensuring the right to stand in presidential elections without arbitrary restrictions in line with Egypt ‘s obligations under the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and limiting the right to run for the presidency to two terms.

7. Elections by individual identification social numbers.